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  1. Hey guys! So I am trying to pick vocal pieces for my IA submissions for the 2020 exam year. Is there any genre that scores better than others on the IA or is it just how you play or sing the music? I'm not going to pull out Queen or anything but I was just wondering if all of it had to be classical or I could throw an art song or a more modern song in there. This is for my entire class as well because this is our first class taking the exams so if you have any pointers we'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks so much in advance for anything that could help!
  2. Music is a harder course trust me but it can also be very rewarding if it is something you love doing. People think that it is the easy A of IB classes and I can tell you that right now we are deconstructing a 30 page symphony for our IB exams in the spring. It will defiantly help you in playing your other instruments as well.
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