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  1. It is all multiple choice! Besides Bayviews essay question everything else will be answered with multiple choice.
  2. Hi everyone, The upcoming school year will have me entering pre-ib at bayview ss. What should I study/review during the summer to help me get ahead of the school year? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Hi guys, I recently completed the Bayview entrance exam into their ib program. The four sections were fairly easy (English, french, math, written profile) but I've realized I made 2 silly mistakes on the math section. What are the odds of me still getting in?
  4. Awesome, your help was much needed🙏🙏🙏. One last thing, compared to a grade 8 gauss test, how hard is the math on either of the exams? (Would u classify the questions as part a, part b, or part c?) Once again, your insight has been tremendously helpful and I'm much more confident about the upcoming tests.
  5. Thank You So much!!! Is there anything I can do to practice for the French section? How pressed for time were you when you did both test?
  6. Hey! Thanks for replying to my post. Luckily for me, my home IB school is indeed Bayview. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. How difficult was Bayviews entrance exam? (I heard the french section is quite difficult for students that don't come from an immersion school) What made you choose Bayview over St.Robs??
  7. Hi everyone, I'm currently in 8th grade and I am planning on taking both the St. Robs and Bayview entrance exam into their ib programs. Can someone please explain to me how the exam is broken down, what can I expect, and what are my chances for getting in? (roughly 700 students apply to each school every year, only around 250 get accepted). For Bayview, I have an average of around 88% from my grade 7 final term, and a solid teacher recommendation. How well do I have to perform on the test in order for me to get into the program?? St.Roberts only relies on the test scores, im pretty sure. Also, is there any advice or helpful tips for studying for the tests? Thanks for your time
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