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  1. xxnataliaax

    Problems of Knowledge...

    Yes, my teacher told us that each paragraph should consist of one problem of knowledge, aka knowledge question. I don't get the idea what the knowledge questions should be about, I just don't get the point...
  2. xxnataliaax

    Problems of Knowledge...

    Hey, I'm writing my ToK essay now and I don't really understand what Problems of Knowledge are. I know what it is about more less, I read some posts about them but I have no clue how to write my essay as each paragraph must be based on one PoK.
  3. xxnataliaax

    Dropping Math HL...

    It might actually be a hard decision for you to make, but there is no problem without any solution If you're saying that you're good at math and have no problems with it, then I think a little more discipline would help in your issue of making the silly mistakes (you're not alone, I make a lot of silly mistakes in math too). Another issue to consider is your future career. If your university requires math HL, then you must do the course. Maybe look for prospective universities which are fine with math SL on architecture (if possible ofc)? Sometimes it is really better not to overrate one's abilities. We're only human after all. You're right, the course will only be harder from now on. Now you have the time to make your decision as later it might be too late. Maybe look through the material that you will be doing later on in the course and on the basis of that try to honestly decide whether you will be able to make it? If you decide that you REALLY can't take it, drop it to SL, but if you think you're going to be fine on HL, just continue the course and put as much focus on it as possible to make things right. Good luck

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