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  1. I do HL theatre but the difference between the SL and HL coursework isn't that big. Just like with art, there aren't any final exams but there are 4 pieces of coursework (3 for SL) that make up your final grade. 1. Research Presentation (SL: 30%, HL: 20%)= 15 minute presentation on a theatre tradition from a different country. The presentation is basically you exploring the tradition and the historical background and significance of it, then you focus on a specific aspect of the theatre tradition and perform a short version of it(eg. audience participation, movement of puppets) 2. Director's Notebook (SL: 35%, HL:20%)= Choose a published play text they have not previously studied and develop ideas for how it could be staged for an audience. 3. [IA] Collaborative Project (SL: 35%, HL: 25%)= 15 minute group presentation of an original piece of theatre with process portfolio (max. 15 pages) documenting the process and analyzing your performance. 4. [HL only] Solo Theatre Piece (HL: 35%)= 4-8 minute solo performance of a scene with the techniques of a theatre theorist with report of research and understanding of the theorist and theory, physical exploration, development of the piece, and an analysis and evaluation of your performance (max. 3000 words) Overall, the class is a lot of fun, but is a lot more work than what people think when they hear "IB Theatre". It is a lot of writing but there is also a strong emphasis on the physical exploration of all the theories and techniques which make the course my personal favourite
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