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  1. GimmeEat

    Genuinely failing chemistry

    IB Chemistry is a very thorough and extensive class - especially HL, which is all the more painful. I found a lot of good channels and sites that helped me get my grades back up after a string of failures (and I mean utter failures) and now I am starting to truly feel confident in my abilities. I hope these sites and channels help you too: Richard Thornley - Very precise and in-depth with each lesson - breaks it down into segments and continuously updates with labs (he is my IB savior). RadioChemistry - Another IB teacher, but not as in depth. Gives a good overview - might be handy to get your feet wet. CrashCourse Chem - Perhaps a little too fast but hey - information is information. MSJ Chem - Haven't watched him much but enjoy his videos. Khan Academy - Let me go ahead and save some time: Khan Academy is great for literally everything. OpenStax Chemistry - A free, online Chem text book that's sourced by tens of professors. Nisbah - Has PowerPoints, videos, exam questions, and labs from each topic. A legit life saver for me. Good luck with IB! Hope this helps you a bit.

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