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  1. Trudgintr

    Physics SL IA: Is my topic too broad?

    I'm planning on investigating the relationship between the temperature of a magnet and its magnetic force, as measured by its acceleration rate through a copper tube. My greatest worry is that this subject has been investigated too many times, and is too simple. Do you think it is too simple? How could I improve upon this investigation? Thanks!
  2. Trudgintr

    Need assistance with EE History question

    I do think that your research question is a bit too broad. The middle ages span nearly a thousand years, whereas the research questions used in exemplars tend to focus on either a singular event or a time period under ten years in length. With such a broad topic, you run the risk of not being to conduct an in-depth analysis.
  3. I have been exploring the chinese postman problem, and I'm really worried that it's too simple/there aren't enough mathematics involved. I explained the problem, gave a couple of examples, but there isn't much calculus/numerical calculations. In general, it only really consists of graph theory. My teacher recommended that I add in permutations, maybe probability, but I have little to no idea how I can accomplish that. I was considering using permutations to explore how many directed graphs can be made of the undirected graph; however, this has been classified as np-hard and is likely a dead-end. I also considered using pascal's grid to find the pathways, but CPP requires the return to the initial vertice, so that is not possible. Do you guys have any idea how I could include more math in my IA?

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