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  1. I´m currently taking sl math and its come to the point where we have to find a topic for our IA. I´ve began to develop an interest in photography over the last few years so I was hoping to do my IA around that. Problem is that I can´t really think of a way to tie the math into it. Would anyone have any ideas for a photography related IA?
  2. My biology IA proposal is due soon and I don´t really have a concrete idea. Since I´m lactose intolerant I want to do something related to lactose and lactase but I can´t think of what I should do with it. Changing the temperature and the concentration seems a bit too straight forward so I was thinking I´d change the pH but I´m not too sure... Does anyone have any ideas???
  3. I´m not a strong math student so I´m trying to study a bit over the summer before going back to school in the fall. I´m going to take Grade 12 SL math and was wondering what units they cover in that course (or what topics I should be looking at when I study). Also, would anyone have any math websites or youtube channels that they found helpful when studying? Thanks
  4. I´m taking HL psych. and I´m worried for the exam because of the huge amount of studies I have to memorize. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for studying or memorizing studies??
  5. My sl chemistry exam is coming up in a few weeks, and I´m really struggling with studying. I started studying(wrote notes following the syllabus, read the textbook, watched a few videos, did multiple choice questions) a few weeks ago and have already gotten through most of the topics. However, whenever I try a past exam or questions in the textbook´s chapter review, I just can´t seem to do it. I seem to just completely forget whatever new information I learnt the day before, or how I´m supposed to solve certain problems. I´m starting to feel stressed since my exams coming up soon, and wanted to know how others studied for their chem exam. What worked and what didn´t? Any general tips on how to do well on the exam??
  6. I´ve started studying for the chemistry exam and was wondering if understanding the ¨NOS¨, ¨applications and skills¨, and the ¨understandings¨ written at the beginning of each textbook chapter would be enough to do well on the exam. There´s some extra information throughout the chapters that´s not part of any of those categories (for example in 2.1 they talk about radio isotopes being used in nuclear medicine and they give specific examples, but that´s not part of the understandings, NOS or applications and skill). Would that sort of ¨extra information¨ be asked on the exam?
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