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  1. Hey, I started IBDP Year 1 in September and I've chosen Maths SL Analysis & Approaches. I'm now experiencing some difficulties (as majority of my classmates) because we had a very bad Maths teacher last year. I was always quite good at Maths and that's why I decided to choose AA. However, now I'm considering changing from it to Maths SL AI. I want to study medicine in the UK in the future (I'm dreaming of studying at the University of Oxford or University College London). My question is, is it much better to have Maths SL AA than AI. I checked the universities' websites and they don't say that any of the Maths levels is required for medicine. However, all my friends say that it's actually better to get a 5 in Maths AA instead of a 7 in Maths AI and I could stay in Maths AA class and I can't really decide what to do. Thanks for all pieces of advice!
  2. Hey! I've just started IBY1 and until the end of September, I can make changes to my subjects. So I'm wondering if I should take English B HL instead of English A HL (which I'm taking now). I've always been quite good at English however it's not my native language and that's why I'm afraid if I can handle English A HL. I'm most stressed about the interpretations and analyses of the texts during the final exams. I'm quite good at writing but I'm not sure about analyzing. I'm also already taking 3 other HL subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Geography) and I want to make it easier for me and have the best results possible and since I'm not planning on studying anything especially English- or even humanities-related (such as English literature, law etc.), I think I won't really use the knowledge I gained in English A classes, will only have to struggle with it during the 2 years and never use it again. Thanks in advance for any pieces of advice!!
  3. Hello Rob, Thank you so much for your response! I have already started organizing all the systems and have bought almost all textbooks. I found Biology and Chemistry study guides online (I have the guide to Biology also in paper version). However, I could not find the other ones. It would be great if you could shoot them over to me. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi! I'm starting in September 2019 and I'm taking: HL English A Lang&Lit HL Chemistry HL Biology HL Geography SL Maths AA SL Polish Literature
  5. Thank you so much!! Do you know where I can find the syllabuses online? I've been searching for them and have only found the ones for Biology and Chemistry here on IBSurvival but I can't find the other ones 😕
  6. Hi! I've heard several times that during the summer before IB, we should just relax and prepare for the 2 hard years. However, I really feel like losing my time since I'm only watching Netflix and stuff because all of my friends are away for some time. Do you think that there are any things I could do duting this summer to prepare myself better for the IB? Btw, if that matters, my subject choices are: Biology HL Chemistry HL Geography HL English A lang&lit HL Maths AA SL Polish A SL Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Hey, I'm going to start IB in September 2019 and so far my subject choices are: English B HL Geography HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Maths SL Polish Lit SL I was wondering if choosing English A SL and dropping English B HL isn't a better option. I would love to study medicine in the future but I'm taking Geo HL because I love this subject (and I've heard it's relatively easy) and then I still have the possibility to change my mind and study a course connected with Geography at the university. Do you think that English A SL is 'harder' than English B HL (that's what my English teacher says but I'm not sure if she's a reliable source)? Or is it considered worse by the universities (because it's SL, not HL)?
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