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  1. Hi, I think it's good to see what works best for you. But in my opinion, bioninja is great, it's not a textbook, tho. When it comes to textbooks, I would say that Pearson is very nice.
  2. Hey! I agree with PeterK that it might be good to revise the prior knowledge for Maths. I don't know about Physics though cause I'm not taking it. However, on the other hand, I would say you don't need to study for Geo beforehand as it is really easy and there is not much content to learn (especially at SL). You can have a look at the options in any Geo textbook or guide and see which ones you would most enjoy so that when you're choosing them at the beginning of the school year, you already know which ones you would choose (ofc it depends also on the classmates and the teacher). I don't think you need to study beforehand for Econ as it is taught from scratch because people don't usually have a chance to take it before the IBDP, so you don't need any pior knowledge. Hope this helps a bit!
  3. Well, thanks. I saw it multiple times because you post it literally in every thread about an IA, EE or TOK. I wasn't asking for ideas, because as you could see I do have mine. I just wanted someone to simply tell me if they're good or not. (copy-pasted it here, because that's simply the same thing you do everytime :))
  4. Well, thanks. I saw it multiple times because you post it literally in every thread about an IA, EE or TOK. I wasn't asking for ideas, because as you could see I do have mine. I just wanted someone to simply tell me if they're good or not.
  5. Hi, I'm currently choosing my topic fo my IA and I'm really struggling with it. I'm aiming at 7 as the total score for Bio, so I would love to get the highest grade possible for my IA (possibly a 7). I want it to be simple and possible to do at home during lockdown. My first idea included the influence of pH on lactase, but it seems too simple to me, so I started to look for some other stuff. The topics that I was interested the most were enzymes (perhaps something more difficult and original than lactase) or something connected with yeast. My other idea was to do something connected with mitotic index, but I don't really know if that would score high and if I could do it at home. And I've recently started to think about doing something with a factor influencing seed germination. But generally, I would be most happy to do something on enzymes as I find it quite easy and interesting. But would it give me good marks? All pieces of advice are more than welcome. I don't want anyone to give me the research question and whole topic, more to suggest which topics would be worth considering and if those I mentioned would be good enough or not. I'll be grateful for any advice. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I'm currently choosing my Maths IA topic. I thought of doing something connected with skiing like measuring the length of different trails on a slope using calculus. Do you think this is a good topic to get a high grade? Or should I add some other calculations to it? Thanks
  7. Hi! Your teacher is right, there is a criterion called "personal engagement" in which you should tell about why you chose this particular topic, why it is interesting to you etc. Do you know already what kind of Maths (calculations etc.) you're going to use? Basically, how you're going to calculate this? The topic sounds to me very much like Maths SL AI rather than AA and if you don't include Maths on the level of AA, but on the level of AI, it may score poorly. I'm only writing my IA now, but my teacher is quite experienced and whenever one wanted to have a similar topic to yours, she would be strongly against it. But if you include Maths on high enough level, it should be fine. Hope that helps a bit
  8. Oh I get it, we have it similar actually, but I thought that maybe you didn't have to take Bahasa Indonesia (cause in some countries people are not required to take their mother tongue). Anyway, it should be fine if you work hard, good luck!
  9. Hi, I also think that the HL combination is quite challenging, but it is not undoable You will need good time management and a lot of hard work in order to get good grades, but if you are good at scientific subjects, it will be fine. But I am wondering , do you have to take 2 languages A? I think it would be much easier if you could take 1 language A and 1 language B. But even if you don't it should be fine. And definitely with those 3 HLs you will be generally considered a strong applicant.
  10. Hi! I personally use Google Calendar for planning my days/weeks, I also put all my assignments there, both the school ones as well as all the other extracurriculars and things I need to get done. Especially now, during online classes, I schedule all my classes and then plan my day around them. And I tend to put the assignments as a "whole day event" so that the ones with the deadline on that day, are always at the top of the day so I don't forget them. Besides that, I use Google Keep which has kind of "sticky notes" to create to do lists, so for example when I have topic tests in 3 subjects in a given week, I can write down which subtopics I need to prepare notes for/revise. Apart from that I use Momentum Chrome Extension which gives you a very beautiful picture and a quote whenever you open a new tab. But the best thing is that it has an option to add a daily to do list so that everytime you open a new tab, you can see what you have to do. I was really struggling with this and tried a lot of different apps but these solutions, although seem simple, work best for me. Hope that helps!
  11. I would say if you already have the research question and your supervisor has approved it, you can make a plan of the essay, like each section what you want to include in etc. and contact your supeevisor so that they can see the plan. If you haven't done all of that yet. If you have and you can simply start writing I would have a look at example business EEs and how they ate structured and simply start writing
  12. I think Business Management is one of the easiest subjects. I mean, I'm not taking it, but a lot of my friends take it at SL to have at least one easier subject to focus on HLs. I don't think you could take 3 subjects from 4th group without any group 3 subject unless you got the permission for irregular diploma. But why aren't you taking CS HL? If you want to major in that, it would make sense, even if it isn't required, it would be much easier for you. I don't know which country you want to study in, but I think if you chose to do engineering, it would be enough to have Maths HL + science HL (more Physics than Chem), so why don't you switch Chemistry HL for CS HL? It would make sense as you could still study engineering with Maths HL and Physics HL and it would be beneficial if you chose Computer Science at uni to have CS HL. With that being said, I think CS isn't a very easy subject and combination of Maths, Physics and Chemistry HL is really hard to score high in, so if I were you, I wouldn't take CS SL (even if you have that opportunity) while having those three at HL. But I would definitely go with switching Chem to CS, it really makes more sense imo. Hope this helps!
  13. I think it won't really give you a huge advantage, since US unis look at ACTs/SATs mostly, maybe only in terms 'I did something more competitive, something extra', but you can also get that advantage doing a lot of other things. But if you're thinking of applying to any other country as well, besides US, just in case if your application to US unis doesn't go well, then it might be more useful.
  14. Hi, I'm not sure if I understand correctly, if you mean that we can't have any break (apart from summer holidays), then it's true. We should have I think 18 months of continuous CAS activities - so say you start grade 11 in September, you should have CAS without any breaks throughout whole grade 11 and then until I believe April or March before the final exams.
  15. Oh, I just assumed that if you were to take maths studies, you're not good at maths hahah, sorry. Then go with AA, especially if it might be necessary if you decide to study in Hungary. I'm not sure about that, but I think they might look down a bit. But on the other hand, if you get a high score than that should be fine, especially that you're taking 3 (I think cause I don't know really what Global Politics is about haha) essay-based subjects which is a recommendations for law, it should be fine. It's hard to say to what extent because especially in the UK they look at the application as a whole, not only on the subjects and grades. I don't know how it works in Hungary, but in my opinion, if you think that you may score better/find it easier in ESS and instead you can focus on your HLs and some other law-related things that you can put in your personal statement, it's a good option. It is kinda the opposite of my last reply hahah but I thought it through and I think your subject choice makes sense, it's very important that all your 3 HLs are strictly connected with law. Taking Eng Lit will definitely make your application look stronger, but I think it's really hard for non-natives to score high (like a 7 or 6), but it's not that it is undoable So to sum up, I think your subjects are completely fine, especially that Maths AA is regarded as the better one I think and thanks to 2 easier SLs you can focus on HLs and law-related stuff. If you're still considering Physics though, you might have a look (if you haven't yet) at the textbook to compare it with your previous Physics knowledge and then decide. But if you decide to take ESS instead, I think it's fine. I would however avoid taking CS (even if you're interested in it) cause you don't need it to study law and, at least that's what I've heard, it is quite a weird subject. Hope that helps!
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