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  1. ChocolateAndVanilla

    Summer before IB Year 1

    Hi! I've heard several times that during the summer before IB, we should just relax and prepare for the 2 hard years. However, I really feel like losing my time since I'm only watching Netflix and stuff because all of my friends are away for some time. Do you think that there are any things I could do duting this summer to prepare myself better for the IB? Btw, if that matters, my subject choices are: Biology HL Chemistry HL Geography HL English A lang&lit HL Maths AA SL Polish A SL Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hey, I'm going to start IB in September 2019 and so far my subject choices are: English B HL Geography HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Maths SL Polish Lit SL I was wondering if choosing English A SL and dropping English B HL isn't a better option. I would love to study medicine in the future but I'm taking Geo HL because I love this subject (and I've heard it's relatively easy) and then I still have the possibility to change my mind and study a course connected with Geography at the university. Do you think that English A SL is 'harder' than English B HL (that's what my English teacher says but I'm not sure if she's a reliable source)? Or is it considered worse by the universities (because it's SL, not HL)?

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