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  1. Hey! I'm repeating this question and giving it a new life (whatever). I still haven't found any tips/advice/help, so if any of you is studying/has studied/got into/knows someone who studies medicine at Oxford University (or Cambridge), please reach out to me! That would be much appreciated 😀
  2. Don't worry! When I was in pre-IB, I thought I would study something like Geography with Economics at the university (Geography - because I love it and Economics - because it's a course after which I could easily find a job) and now I'm planning on studying medicine, so a lot has changed since then! Well, I don't know what advice I can give you. I would not take a HL subject that I'm not interested in a lot, but if you really want to study genetics, maybe you can somehow "force" yourself to study the biological topics that you're not that interested in. Btw, just out of curiosity, are going to do IB in Poland? (cause I can see you're from Poland ;)) If so, in what school (what city)?
  3. Hey! If you want to major in genetics (or something similar), Biology HL is (almost) necessary. You should check the content of Biology HL course to see if it is interesting to you, because if take a HL subject that you're not interested in, you will have more difficulties studying for the subject and working on all the assessments. I took at the beginning 4 HLs, because I wasn't sure what I wanna study and I decided that I'm interesting in all of them and what all of them to be HLs (apart from English B... cause this class is really boring, but easy). So I had Biology, Chemistry, English B and Geography HL and this week, after the first term of IBY1, I dropped Geography to SL, because I've decided that I wanna study medicine and won't need Geography HL. Btw, if you have any questions regarding any of these subjects, hit me up, maybe it will help you decide! I think it depends on the school if they allow you to drop 1 HL to SL after a term, however, if it does, maybe you could take all 4 HLs and after some time drop one of them?
  4. I'm not sure if it's still possible to change subjects, but it may depend on your school. In ours, we can change subjects only in the first month of IBY1, but maybe it's different in yours. What grades do you have in Mandarin? Have you talked to your teacher about some methods/ways to improve your knowledge of the subject? If you decide to change Mandarin to Chemistry, I think it won't be such a big problem to catch up (especially if the Chemistry group is doing the topics topic by topic from the 1 one, because the few at the beginning are quite easy, however, I don't know much about IGCSE and what you had at Chemistry there). And if you decide to stay at Mandarin, maybe you can have some extra classes/summer course to improve it?
  5. A lot of people I know are taking 2 sciences at HL (I'm taking Biology and Chemistry HL). And it's actually not very difficult in my opinion. I don't know how difficult HL Physics is but it's probably similar to Chemistry in terms of the difficulty of the things you need to understand, so Physics and Biology should be a good combination. However, if you want to study medicine, you should check the requirements at some universities in some countries that you're considering, because a lot of them require Chemistry at HL for medicine.
  6. Hey! So my current topic for my Biology HL IA is "How does pH affect the glucose content in milk?" and I'm not sure if it is good enough to get a good grade (7). I wanted to change the pH of milk by the addition of bases and acids and then adding lactase which would break lactose into glucose and galactose. Then I would use glucose test strips to see what the content of glucose in all of the samples is. Is it good enough? Should I make it more complicated by checking something else? Or should I look for another topic? All tips and help would be much appreciated!
  7. I checked it at Cambridge university web page (but you probably did as well) and they require Maths HL for Mathematics course and Maths and Physics for Mathematics and Physics course. So if you want to study simply Mathematics, I think it's fine if you have only Maths HL (without Physics). I don't really know, maybe Physics would be still useful at the course, but I think it's not that necessary. But I don't how much you want to study medicine, I mean how likely it is that you will choose medicine, because if you don't actually want to study it (because of the problems with blood etc.), then you can go for Physics. But on the other hand, if you're really planning to study medicine, Biology will be much more useful than Physics (especially that Physics is still not required at the other courses you're considering). Besides, I think that combo Physics, Maths and Chemistry HL is one of the hardest ones, because these subjects require a lot of hard work and practise. One of my classmates has these 3 HLs and he really studies a lot, it takes really much time to study for those subjects.
  8. Well, I think it depends on you personally. For me, they're not that difficult. I think if the 3rd HL is easy and not so time-consuming and you choose an interesting and easy subject from the group 3, it's completely fine. For example, there are some people in my class who have Biology and Chemistry HL and History SL and they spend much time studying for History (because it is quite challenging and time-consuming even at SL). But a lot of people in my class who are doing Biology and Chemistry HL chose e.g. Geography or Business Management SL. I don't know what subjects are offered at your school, but these ones are quite easy and don't require much hard work. So to sum up, it is definitely manageable If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
  9. I would say that if you're really talented at Maths you should go for Maths HL. It is very challenging, but looks much better in the eyes' of the universities and make you a more interesting candidate.
  10. If you're considering medicine, I would choose Biology HL. It's way more useful at medicine and you have more options to study this course as more universities require Biology for medicine. Physics is mot really useful at medicine and nor at finance so whatever path you eventually choose, Physics won't be needed. As for the humanities subject, if I were you, I would choose Econ. I don't know much about Philosophy, though, because it's not available at my school. I think Econ might be more useful if you choose to study finance. I'm not taking it, but I've heard that it's also quite easy to get a 7 in.
  11. Hey! I am currently in IB Year 1 and I'm also planning on studying medicine. I have HL Biology, Chemistry and English B and SL Maths AA, Polish A and Geography. The crucial ones are Biology and Chemistry. I don't really know about the requirements in any countries other than the UK and Poland. The UK (almost) always requires Chemistry HL and Physics/Biology/Maths HL (and Biology SL if not taken at HL), however, I would highly recommend taking Biology HL. It's mainly because its content is the most useful at medicine later at university (it's way more useful than the knowledg from Maths or Physics). Well, I'm also taking Maths AA SL, but there are many people in my class who are planning on studying medicine who are taking Maths AI SL. Well, you can have Maths AA if you feel comfortable about Maths to be more competitive while applying, but it's not usually required (apart from Scotland, e.g. Edinburgh and some other actually require at least Math SL AA, so you can't have Maths AI SL). Apart from that, I think that Maths HL is definitely not required and it is a very difficult subject. So to sum up, I would advise you to take Biology and Chemistry HL and Maths AA SL (if you're actually good at Maths and don't have problems with it). The other subjects are completely up to you and what you're more interested in/good at, I believe.
  12. I don't really know anything about self-taught because nobody in our class does it
  13. I would definitely not take 4 HLs. I used to have 4 HLs (Biology, Chemistry, English B and Geography) and I've recently dropped Geography to SL. I took it at HL because I wasn't sure what course I want to study at the university and so if I need Geo or not, but when I made my mind about the course, I thought that it won't be really useful and I will have to focus on this subject much more having more content to learn etc. I would suggest changing either Business or ESS tp Chemistry/Economics. As far as you don't specifically need any of these subjects, it doesn't matter which one you change. Just check the content of these subjects and decide which one is easier (and more interesting) to you and choose that one
  14. It definitely is not. In general, I don't think Econ is a very essay-based course (at the university), so I don't think such literary knowledge that you get at English A classes is essential. It might be useful to some extent, but it's not necessary. I know quite a lot people who study in the UK, even courses such as law, and had English B HL (I think SL won't be good enough, but HL is fine), so don't worry
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