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  1. Hi does anyone have any suggestions about a dolls house research question that pertains to hypocrisy. Anything pertaining to symbols or anything that relate to Torvald or Kristines' immorality, hypocrisy.
  2. Hey, I'm doing my EE in English on a novel. I was wondering if I could use characterisation as a literary technique in the RQ like as a substitute for maybe symbols or any obvious technique or does characterisation even count as a literary device? For instance- How does the AUTHOR use characterisation to of NAME to explore the THEME in the Novel? So would that be allowed??
  3. Nujra

    Canada Application for Commerce

    Thats really encouraging thank you so much for finding the time to address this
  4. Hi I'm applying to UBC, U of Toronto, McGill for Management. I was skeptical about the strength of my subject combo but my predicteds are high in each subject. If anyone could tell me about my chances in the faculty of Commerce with these subjects it'd be great Math SL Hindi SL Eco-SL  Eng Hl Bio HL BM-HL
  5. Hi I wrote my Language B Paper w today and the question said that we had to write a diary. My format for the diary was mostly incorrect and my sounded more like a letter. I know I will lose marks in the format criterion but since my format was so incorrect can they even cut marks under Language and Content which are the other two criteria even though they were completely upto the mark?
  6. great thanks! I was really nervous
  7. oh my god. so do they tend to request if I they see that it was an MCQ box and there was a cancelled option in it and my answer was right beside the box
  8. Hi I wrote my Hindi B Paper 1 today and I cancelled a few MCQ answers in the box and wrote the new answers right outside the box. Are only the boxes scanned and sent or is the whole sheet sent so the examiner would understand what I have done?

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