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  1. Hello! I am writing my ee on economics and have the opportunity to conduct an interview, but my friend said in some subjects interviews are not allowed. Does anyone know if interviews are allowed for an economics ee?
  2. Jarz

    Chem HL Help

    For example I understand that they make electrons jump between D-subshells but I dont get what that does... <-- if that is correct haha
  3. Hey guys, So I got most of chem hl down, however I can not seem to understand the following two things, what are ligands, how to I calculate things like their strength etc. and what are emission spectrum? I get the general idea but I don't seem to get it completely, as when there are questions I get really confused. If anyone has any links or can help me please tell me! Thanks a lot!
  4. Just curious, are you saying that he would get 2-2.5 hours of homework each day? If so, that's a lot and I never get that. I spend maybe total 1.5-2 hours of homework on all my subjects, this includes rewriting my notes that I took that day in class.
  5. Hey Guys, I saw this in another post where a GM told people to not comment on posts with your own questions, in that case he told the people to make their own post. Just telling you guys
  6. Hey, What is IB life like. Good question... There are many factors that come into saying what IB life is like. Firstly, it involves a lot of organization and control over oneself. What I mean by this is that you must be mentally strong. This is because IB isn't easy, it's a tough course designed to get the best out of each and every student. At times it feels like the work load will never end, but the next day you can feel like you are on top of things and everything will be ok. Not only do you learn the topic materials of all the topics you chose (choose topics you like, not topics you will do because "it's a easy 7") but you learn skills like time management, stress handling and much more. Overall, IB life is rough but very rewarding. At first it was hard for me because I had nothing to vent myself with, no sports or anything. Now I go running and it is such a relief, just me and my dog. It's that time in the day where everything is forgotten and you live for the moment. I also rewrite all notes I take at the end of every day because it's a way for me to check if I understood something but also helps when you have tests coming up, easier to study from a clean sheet of notes. Good luck with your French! Let me know how it goes and good luck in IB!
  7. Jarz

    Stolen idea

    Cite it, if you get caught everything you have worked for is gone. Plagiarism is not taken easy, so just cite, no harm in doing that. Good luck with the EE!
  8. IB is stressful, the stress will not go away. However, there are ways you can deal with it. Firstly, disregard what your teacher says. If she says stuff like that she isn't a teacher in my eyes. She's someone who is just standing in front of you, someone you got to push out of your way and proove wrong. Just stay organized, DONT procrastinate and try and finish you EE during 11th grade next year and perhaps even an IA or two. You will be fine. You will have stressful days that you won't enjoy and perhaps even become sad about, but it's all ok. I have those myself, I just go talk to my parents about it and maybe a friend or two and I get through it. The key thing is choosing subjects you like, and do your best. If you do your best no one has the right to get mad at you for the end result. Good luck in IB!
  9. I'd agree with Jaysun, math sl is a safe bet.
  10. It depends on what university you go to, but Bio HL is a must. Chem HL is also important but your school doesn't support it apparently
  11. Hey, I also want to go study business, and Econ HL is really the only subject you need for that, or business if your school offers it. My opinion on your other subjects is as follows. Do not pick subjects you think will be easy and give you a 7. IB is not about that and you are kind of wasting your time if you are choosing subjects to get the highest score as possible. Choose subjects you like, but ones that will also challenge you. I love econ but also chem and physics, so I took those and have not regretted it. On the other hand, I have a friend who loved physics but he wanted to get an as high grade as possible in IB. He instead took an easier HL Dutch B, it's easy for him because he knows dutch already. He regrets every part of it and complains how he would love to do physics. Overall, don't pick your courses because it will get you closer to the 45/45. IB is all about challenging yourself in areas you enjoy. My brother is in university right now and is happy he chose subjects that he liked but were still very challenging, as the level of challenge in university for him is less than with IB, so it's a very calm journey for him rn. Good luck with your course choices and hope you make choices you won't regret! Pick those you like and that will challenge you, that's what it's all about and its a great preparation for later on. Good luck
  12. Hey! Firstly, it is really cool to see that you're from Belgium, I also study here :D. Getting on to what your post was talking about, when you are talking about your sister, I completely relate to you. My brother ended up with a 40/45 and he was sick during the 1st week of his exams, he was thinking about retaking to get his score even higher but got into the university he wanted to so decided not to. That leads to put a lot of pressure on people like me and you in your case. For the first part of the year I kept all the emotions within me and was scared to tell my parents, as in 10th grade if I would get a grade below a 5 they would be disappointed. Emotions were building up because I had just moved, no friends, IB itself is very stressful etc. It was until one day these emotions just busted out while my brother was visiting from university. We had such a long talk and the main message was: everyone is different and learns in different ways. My brother didn't really study too much, but I do. When looking at your grades, YOU GOT A 7! That's insanely good, and it shows that you can do it! Not to mention your 6. Those two tests show that you can do it, that you are more then capable of passing IB, in fact excelling. You have to keep in mind that IB HL Physics is rated as one of the most intense IB courses offered. Rarely people get 7s in the class, just do your best and you will be more then fine. Lastly, it is important to know that the tests you take in school lead to your school grades, the things that affect your IB grades are your exams in 2020 and IAs. I've had friends who had 3s throughout their school years and 2-3 months before their mocks they started to study a lot, and hard. They ended up with scores such as 36/45, which is still good. Now i'm not saying to do that haha, the tests are still important, it is good to see where you stand. Just saying it to reassure you. Good luck! And maybe one day our paths will cross, since you are in Belgium too. I go to ISB, maybe we even know eachother -Jarz
  13. Hey, I myself take higher level physics. The math is not the part you need to be worried about. Well, in higher level we work with trig, quadratics and the math can get a little tough at times, but that is higher level. Right now I have an average of 5/6 in physics and I myself think the math is not that difficult. When it comes to standard level, I know people who struggle a lot with math but are doing fine in SL physics. The reason for this is because physics is not really a math based course. The SL part of the course is very strait forward, the HL part really tests your insight. It's a lot of thinking and applying of rules with a bit of basic algebra here and there. Overall, what I am trying to get at is that as long as you know basic mathematics like algebra, you will be fine for sure in SL Physics... because you would also be fine in HL :). Good luck with picking your courses and here is one quick tip from my brother (who has finished IB with a 40/45) and myself, organization is key. Keep all your papers nicely organized and one thing that helped him and is helping me right now is to have a binder with loose A4 paper in it and dividers to split up the binder into 6 parts, one for each of your classes. After every day when you come home, rewrite the notes you took that day neatly and organize it in there, this helps so much, mainly because you are relooking at your day to see if you understood everything but also that way when your tests and exams come you have very nicely made and well written notes to look at. -Jarz
  14. Hey, Just my opinion, not a lot of unis require math HL. You seem quite keen on what you would want to become later. I would suggest looking at the unis you would want to go to and see what they need, I watched some yt vids on people who scored really well and one thing they have in common in "don't be afraid to call the uni". The people are very helpful and will answer your questions. If you don't need math HL I'd say drop it, the course covers a lot of math you need to know later on, I am taking it rn, I find it super easy (mainly because I had taken a course throughout grades 9-10 which was a preparation for Math HL) so a lot is review for me, its a good way to get some of those points in your overall. That's my opinion :).
  15. I had a friend who had the same issue, he wanted to go from chem to physics but school did not allow it. One way to change it, as he did it (4 months into school) he just brought his parents in (ofc your parents would need to want and support your change). Some how parents always seem to work out the problems when it comes to schools. Thats one way of doing it
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