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  1. To whoever reads this forum, hi I'm a dp2 student who's going to take the ib exams next year may. I got a 40/45 as my predicted score and I'm hoping to apply to UofT, McGill, and University of Waterloo So far I know that we have to apply for Ontario universities through the OUAC application but I don't really get how we are supposed to send our Predicted scores. Do they require the SCHOOL to send it in behalf of us, or are we allowed to just enter it ourselves (sounds very risky, won't it be easy for people to fake it?)? I don't really get the procedure of applying to them. I know there is one more step after applying for the OUAC application such as Quest and the one for UofT but is that it? I'm hoping to apply by next week and my school office is going to start their holidays by Friday next week. If the universities needs my school to send it I have to do it by the coming week. And I don't think I can find the answer to my question UNTIL I've finished applying for the OUAC but I'm still thinking of adding a few more universities and can't do it right away. PLEASE HELP
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