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  1. Hello! For my Physics EE, I referenced every theory I used etc, but I also referenced the formulas. For example, I would write Newton's second law, and then I'd reference a book where this formula can be found, followed by an exact page. I did that for every formula pretty much. Is this a problem? I know that in some cases referencing even the basic formulas is not necessary to do, but my question is, will it be a problem that I did this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I read somewhere in this group that ManageBac has a plagiarism checker of some sort. My school is using ManageBac, but other than that I doubt that they will use any plagiarism checker to scan our EE, which worries me. I really want my EE (and ToK Essay and IAs) to be scanned before turned in to the IB. This is why I would like some further information on ManageBac's plagiarism checker. Does my school have to purchase it seperately? (because if so, I doubt it will). Or is it incorporated into ManageBac, which means that my EE, ToK Essay and IAs will be scanned for plagiarism no matter what? (I really hope that this is the case). Thanks a lot, and have a happy new year!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Happy new year everyone!
  4. Hello! For my EE, I used a picture, but the website where I found it says "all rights reserved". My question is, can I still use the picture as long as I reference it, and provide the link of the website where I found it, along with acknowledging the author? I am aware of the "fair use" law, but I don't live in the US. I live in Hungary, and I'm from Greece. Will I still be covered by this law? Or by a similar one? I have no intent of "harming" the owner of the photograph, I don't present it as my own, and I'm using it for academic purposes. Is it fine that I used the picture, since I acknowledged that it's not my work? I have already submitted the EE, so deleting the picture is not an option. But I'm rather stressed about this. Any help is more than welcome! Thanks!
  5. Hmm, one more question. What is the "pastiche" that you mentioned before? I googled it but I didn't exactly understand what it is.
  6. Thanks for the reply! By the way, I wrote the date on the top right, started with "Dear diary" and finished with "Sincerely, <name>". Why would using "Dear diary" be a bad idea, since it is a diary entry? What could I use instead of it? Thanks!
  7. Hello! For my EE, I included a picture, but I'm not sure if I cited it properly. I'm using APA format. I got the picture from an online website, namely an online article which contained this image. Officially, for APA format I need to write the image's CREATOR'S name. But what I did in my references section, was to reference the website as I would normally reference a website, and I wrote [Digital Image] afterwards to show that from the said website, I got the said image. In the in-text citation I used the citation that I would use to reference the website itself. So, (author name, year). Would that be fine? I mean, referencing the website from where I retrieved an image, instead of referencing the image itself and it'd original creator? If not, will there be a severe penalty for such a mistake? I already submitted my EE, so I can't change this anymore, but I can't stop thinking about this, and I'm really worried I might be accused of plagiarism/academic dishonesty. Any opinions are welcome! Thanks!
  8. Hi all, In HL ELL, we were given a PDF version of the book "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen to read. I really liked the book, so I decided to write my WT1 on it. So, my WT1 is on part 3 of the course, because my topic was to write the diary of one of the main characters in Ghosts. So, I tried to put myself in his shoes, wrote what he would write, spoke the way he did in the book, and tried to maintain his character as presented in the book. Now, my questions are the following: 1. Was my topic fit for a WT1 in part 3 of the course? My teacher said it was okay, but I would like confirmation since he is new to the IB. 2. I only have a single reference throughout the WT1, and that's in the rationale. So I have no references in the actual diary entry. However, I didn't use anything either. All I did was read the book, I was based on its plot and the development of the character I was writing about, and that's all there is to it. So is it okay if I have pretty much no references? Will there be a penalty for this? I asked my teacher, but he is not sure, which worries me. 3. I thought of citing the book, but I don't know where. I was thinking of writing it in the very beginning, something like: "This written task is based on the book 'Ghosts' by Henrik Ibsen", and then reference it in my "References" section. However, as I said, I don't have the actual book- or even an ebook. I have rather a PDF version of the book that my teacher sent me. How can I cite this PDF? It doesn't have any information on it whatsoever, it only says that the book was written by Henrik Ibsen. There's no date, no publisher, nothing. I'm using APA format. Any help is welcome! Thanks a lot in advance!
  9. Hey! So I have this issue about my HL Math IA references. I basically had to find a proof for the catenary shape, and I consulted this site over here: https://proofwiki.org/wiki/Equation_of_Catenary/Formulation_1/Proof It is proofwiki. But I know that generally wikipedia is not considered reliable. But in this case it is Mathematics, and it shows a proof which I went over a trillion times- and it is a correct, valid, reliable proof. A proof which I used. And I cannot find the same proof anywhere else. Should I cite this site? Will I lose points for it being from proofwiki? Or will noone care? Edit: Is this site even a part of wikipedia? How could I cite this in APA? Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hey! I wrote my EE in Physics, and I counted the words to be 3989, so that's what I wrote it is. But honestly, there is a high chance that I miscounted something, cause the word count gets confusing with whether I should include certain formulas, in-text formulas, headings, equation numberings, sub-headings, footones, in-text citations etc etc (you get the point.). I tried to be as correct as possible with this, but many of my teachers gave me contradicting information, and the internet didn't help that much either. So it's more than likely that I actually have a different word count than 3989, I'd say something ranging from 3950 to 4020. Will there be severe consequences (i.e. failing the EE) for getting the word count wrong? Is this considered academic dishonesty? Or will I just lose a couple of points in the worst case scenario? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone!! For my math IA, I decided to do some things related to the hanging chain problem. Long story short, there is a part where I need to create a general equation for a circle, given that it goes through 3 points A, B and C- whose coordinates are variable. I managed to do this without consulting any source whatsoever. I wrote everything in my own words, using my own method, and I'm seriously not sure where to find this exact method online/in a book somewhere. However, I still am 99% sure that someone, somewhere, somewhen has derived a general equation for a circle- given 3 points (that have variable coordinates). But as I said, I personally didn't use any such source. My question is, is it okay if I don't cite anything there, and present this as my own idea (which it was)? Since it was my idea to actually derive this formula, regardless whether someone somewhere has done it before, the IB won't have the "right" to accuse me of plagiarism. That's my opinion. But I'm not willing to take any risks here. Should I look for a source and fakely cite it, and pretend that I got my ideas from there? I'm considering to do something like this, in order to avoid getting accused of plagiarism, without actually being guilty of it. Any feedback is welcome!
  12. Okay so just to be clear, there won't be any severe consequence that I accidentally put in the wrong date? By wrong meaning that I put (2018) instead of (n.d.), as aforementioned
  13. Hey! I used APA format for my EE, but I realised I made a small mistake. When you use APA format, you need to provide the year of publication. But for one source (out of the about 15 I used) I accidentally put in a wrong date. It said that the article was last modified in 2018, so I put 2018 as a date. But I found out that this is not supposed to be the date of publication, and therefore I should have put (n.d.). What's the severest consequence that may follow after this? Should I worry? Thanks!
  14. I see. Thanks a lot for the quick replies they are most appreciated!!!
  15. Thanks a lot for this reply!! And one more question, for my physics IA there was a part where I had to find the value of kinetic friction, which is supposed to be 0.2 but I found it to be 0.26±5% or something like that. But this was not the main aim of my essay, so I didn't really bother justifying it. And I repeated many measurements and always got 0.24-0.28. Will the IB say something like "this value is wrong so you failed" or will I get points deducted for not getting the exact correct value (if no justification is given)? My physics teacher checked my IA and said it should all be good but I would like to have a second opinion on this
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