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  1. Hi again, so my exam is in a few days and I'm pretty much done studying. All I'm really wondering is, are there any calculator tips or any videos/websites that thoroughly explain the functions of the Ti 83 Plus Graphing Calculator? Particularly for like probability or statistics but any general special tips or hacks would be nice. If you have any videos, websites or just personal tips, please let me know!!! Thanks!!!!!
  2. Hey guys, I'm studying for the May 2019 IB exams and I'm currently stuck on vectors. I was wondering how you find a perpendicular and/or parallel vector to a 3D vector? For example. "Find an equation of the line perpendicular to vector (3, 0, -1) and passing through point (4, 2, 1)." or, "Find the equation of the line parallel to vector (3, -2, 8), and passing through (3, 1, -2)" Thanks in advance
  3. Omg ya I just realized my entire grid is off!! The cup in real life is much bigger than 4cm in diameter (it was about 20 cm tall) How can I make my calculations more like the ones in real life?
  4. Hi again! I've totally changed my IA idea, and I've hit yet another problem. I'm pretty much done everything for my IA, but the maths just aren't working out. I'm finding and comparing the volume of 2 cups, and I have found a piecewise function consisting of 3 "pieces" that works on Desmos (just from trial and error until the lines matched up). I integrated all 3 of them, and in the end the volume turned out to be around 69.7 mL which is absolutely too little. I don't know what I've done wrong and my teacher isn't willing to help at all. *I've learned integration by myself, so I double checked all my integrations with online calculators such as Symbolab and Wolfram Alpha. The integrals are: , , I'm sorry for always bugging you, I'm terrible at math
  5. Omg thank you so much for always helping me hahaha. I was trying to learn that by myself and totally got confused. I understand how u-substitution works now so thank you so much
  6. Hi I'm wondering if anybody can explain the reverse chain rule to me? I don't mean the whole U-Substitution thing, I mean the "shortcut" way. The formula is ∫f'(g(x)) · g'(x) dx = f(g(x)) + c. Also, we haven't learned calculus and trig or calculus and logs yet so please just use basic equations in any examples. Thank you!!!!
  7. Can you use the TI-83 (plus) calculators to create a frequency histogram with uneven classes? (we call it a frequency density graph) If so, how? (I'm not sure how to input the ranges, for example, the range is 0-30, 30-40, 40-60 etc. I have calculated the frequency density itself I'm just not sure how to create the graph on a calculator.)
  8. Sorry to bug you again, but would this topic require Calculus? (I've started my break and I can finally start working on this IA haha)
  9. So do you think this is a feasible idea that I could get good marks with??? Like is there enough math in it that I can get decent marks in the maths portion? And it's okay if you don't know, the fact that you responded is already super kind and helpful of you!!!!
  10. Hi guys. I'm in my last year of Math IB (SL) and I'm in desperate need of some guidance. I have no idea how to go about doing my IA. I've decided that I want to find the optimal speed at which a vehicle (a tank specifically) should travel to get the best fuel efficiency. Along with this, I might also try and figure out the temperatures at which oil would freeze inside the engine by like graphing/modelling it somehow?????? As you can see, I'm really lost and I don't know how to approach this topic and I don't even know what math I should be using. Any advice on how I should try and pursue this?
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