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    Hi, I have to pick a topic that isn’t too broad and I’m having difficulty with that. At first I was planning to do “Castro’s economic and social influence on the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis” but my teacher said it was too much of a broad topic He said : “If I can make a suggestion, I think that your question might be a bit too broad. Naturally, Fidel Castro had a hand in shaping events, but remember that the decision to place missiles on Cuban soil was part of a wider Soviet strategy. If you want to talk about Castro's impact on it, you'll want to clarify by looking at the degree to which he influenced Soviet policy-makers” What exactly would be a good topic to fit the teachers suggestion? I LITERALLY NEED HELP IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP FAST!!!! thank you so much your fellow ib student

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