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  1. luckily our school has it so that we finish math and french in IB1 ... then the others next year xP. so no more math and french after the 16th .
  2. KFC

    TOK lessons = War

    The actual class isn't a warzone other than when we have preorganized debates, but after them we are okay again. But outside of class it sparks many discussions between our group of friends. We actually had an email topic with over 100 replies about whether we should like ToK or not, it was so pathetic .
  3. electrical/mechanical/computer engineer ... they're pretty much interchangable but i can't decide which one i want to study more . too bad everyone at our school want to go into life sciences so we couldn't get a HL physics class >_<.
  4. I would suggest taking chem HL because it is a lot more versitile . But I've always had a bias against bio so ...
  5. KFC

    What does your username mean?

    ... because I like chickens? (LOL so many people have such ~*deep*~ usernames *hangs head in shame*)
  6. KFC

    How do you study for tests?

    I type up the notes and move them around so that it makes sense to me - (the teacher kind of teaches out of order, how confusingggg x_X). Then I skim over them and hopefully enough important stuff sticks to me haha.
  7. KFC

    What do you do to get motivated?

    I start working when I see a chain on people on msn with a personal message complaining about the same assessment or when someone talks to me about it.
  8. KFC

    World Literature 2

    Our teachers encouraged us to do creative, but i didn't like the flexibility and lack of structure so I stuck with the essay. I did Death and the Maiden about how Dorfman reveals his opinion of democracy through Gerardo.
  9. KFC

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    Watching a monkey groom itself < TOK < Monster trucks! Monster trucks for the win!!!111 I like it as a course to do nothing and eat through. The stuff we're learning is all kind of repetitive ... and the truely deep questions a lot of us have already thought through while showering (yayy shower thinking!) prior to ToK. oh well, at least we learn what we "didn't know we didn't know" .
  10. KFC

    Chem HL?

    really? i know some students tried talking to him after school and he said "God forbid you guys make one decision in your lives" ... amoungst other things ... then he shut the door on them LOL o_o.
  11. KFC

    Chem HL?

    i'm in the same chem class as ffaholic so i can respond our chem teacher tells us that he can't tell us how to do labs because ib says so. (lol, that was an odd sentence.) right now we're completely guessing X_X. so asides from assessments, the content isn't hard to grasp at all.
  12. KFC

    What Kind of IB Student Are You?

    ... "genuis" ROFL i beg to differ.
  13. KFC

    What calculator are you?

    I only have a TI-83+ :*(
  14. KFC


    I just started HL Chemistry, and my teacher doesn't seem too good. I understand all the concepts, but when it comes to labs, he doesn't tell us anything until after we've handed it in. Only then does he tell us that our work is "unacceptable" and that he's not going to mark it. Gah, the whole course is hit and miss merely because the teacher is being so picky without telling us the peculiarities. It's really disappointing because Chemistry is supposed to be one of my better subjects and now my mark is being determined by how well I guess what he wants.
  15. KFC

    Canadian Universities

    I'm planning on staying close to home so my mommy can cook for me . I'm probably going to apply to University of Toronto for their Engineering Science program next year because it's said to be very challenging. I'm also looking into Queen's and and Waterloo for Engineering as well.

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