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  1. LanaBanana

    Pre IB Preparation

    ok, thanks can I ask you one more thing? what are some materials I need to practise over the summer? what do I need for my first year?
  2. LanaBanana

    Pre IB Preparation

    So I got accepted into Pre IB at Colonel By SS in Ottawa... I don't want to drop out of IB in the end and I want to show the teachers their that I am an IB material. Many of my friends are confident that I wouldn't end up on a waitlist and get accepted in the first round (which I did). But I don't feel confident in passing it. IB is a prestigious program that would increase my chances of getting into university in the near future. Heck, I didn't think I would get accepted right away. How do I prepare for next year? How can I boost my confidence in the success of earning the IB Diploma? Are there any tips that you can provide for me? A few things you should know about me that might be helpful: I am an 8th grader attending Vimy Ridge Public School in Ottawa I am an ambitious student who wants to pursue her dreams of becoming either a medical doctor or a computer scientist I have an average of 87% (Equivalent to an A) I love school I care about my future and I love challenges (the reason why I applied to Pre IB in the first place) I'll be taking the following courses: ENG1DE (English pre-IB) FSF1DE (Core French pre-IB) CGC1DE (Issues in Canadian Geography pre-IB) SNC1DE (Science pre-IB) MPM1DE (Principles of Mathematics pre-IB) PPL1OP (Female - Healthy Active Living Education) ADA1O (Dramatic Arts) or AVI1O (Visual Arts) TIJ1O (Exploring Technologies) or TGJ1O (Exploring Communications Technology) Thank you for your help and wish me luck on my first year🙂
  3. Hello, I am an 8th grade student who has recently been accepted into the Pre-IBDP program. I will go to Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa next year. So we don't have a lot of course choices next year. For math, however, I can choose either MPM1DE (which is the accelerated pre-ib math course that leads to either HL or SL Math in grade 11) or MPM1D (which is the regular academic course in math which leads to SL Applications & Interpretation Math in grade 11). I want to be able to take HL Math in grade 11, but I hear it is an advanced course that consists of two years while SL Applications & Interpretation Math take only one year. Can you give me an explanation of HL Further Math and SL Applications and Interpretation Math to help make my decisions easier? Also, as a future IB student, can you IB graduates or students give me tips on how can I have a smooth start of IB and how can I prepare? Thank you!
  4. LanaBanana

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    That sounds like great advice. Thanks!
  5. LanaBanana

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    oh ok, thank you. Also, any tips on passing the test? It's a standardized test that primarily focuses on mathematics, reading, and writing.
  6. LanaBanana

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    Would they accept those who got a B- or a B+? If not, if you pass the CAT4 test, would they still accept you?
  7. LanaBanana

    Tips for Pre-IBDB CAT4 Test

    Thank you for the advice
  8. LanaBanana

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    Hello, I know this is late but I need all the help I can get! So I am in grade 8 right now and I am applying for Colonel By Secondary School. On my final term report card last year, I got mostly 70-78%. This year, I got a Progressing Very Well on most of my subjects except for Phys Ed and the Arts. Would they count on the previous report card or the current progress report card? Also, my CAT4 test is on January 19th. I am so nervous. Can you give me some advice? Please? I am very weak in writing and mathematics in the race against time! My last math quiz, I got 83%, which was the highest mark. but most of my classmates wanted a retake quiz, and on that quiz, I got 55%! I have never had a D before! I am so nervous! Help!
  9. LanaBanana

    Tips for Pre-IBDB CAT4 Test

    Hello, I am an eighth-grader who is currently on the application process for the Pre-IBDP. I handed in all the documents required and my CAT4 test will be on January 16, 2019. I am a bit nervous that I might end up on the wait list or worse, not making it at all. Can you give me some advice? I know that you can't really prepare for it, but can you give me some advice that may help me succeed? Please and thank you.

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