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  1. Shenil

    Parkdale CI Pre-IB

    Hi, I have a few questions regarding applying to Pre-IB at Parkdale Collegiate Institute. (The entrance exam is on January 10th, 2019) My average for my final grade 7 report card is 82%, and for my grade 8 report card I got 2 Es and 4 Gs as well as 5 progressing very wells and 5 progressing wells. What would be the chances I'd get accepted? I aim to do well on the entrance exam, and based on my marks above, if i achieve a 85% or above on the math assessment and write a good essay, would I be able to get in? How many students apply to Parkdale CI for IB each year, and what are the chances of being accepted depending on your marks? Would studying all the grade 8 math streams they posted on the Parkdale IB website effectively, help me to achieve a 90% or above on the entrance exam? (This is what I am currently doing to practice for the exam along with other materials) Is the math assessment as easy as the 2017 sample they posted on the website? One last question, will the essay topic be based on either the IB learner profile, or your future career path? Should I personally be stressing over the exam? Please help me so I can have an idea of what to expect.

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