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  1. I am 2 months into collecting data for my Chemistry Extended Essay, when I realised that my experiment has failed terribly and all the data collected is invalid. I have been researching hard over the course of the last few days to find a new topic but I still haven't found anything conclusive. Does anyone have any suggestions for good Chemistry Extended Essay topics, for which I can complete the experimentation for in approximately 15 hours. I am open to people sending me research papers or articles to help me find a suitable topic. I am sorry if we are not meant to ask direct questions like this but I am very desperate and need my results before school closes. Thanks.
  2. I do language and literature SL and recently had to submit a written task. We had to base our written task based on a poem we had studied till now. I chose the poem Mrs. Midas by Carol Ann Duffy - https://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poem/mrs-midas/. I the events in the poem as a short story from Mr. Midas' perspective which was not explored in the poem, trying to provide an alternative perspective to what was given in the poem, however my teacher scored me a 12/20, giving me a 4/8 for the criteria regarding using the appropriate style for the task and having a good understanding of the content, claiming it was too basic and I had simply restated things already in the poem. However, I have added in a significant amount of information about how his feelings contrasted with his wife's possible feelings and feel I have explored the text well. My teacher has given me permission to rewrite this task. Could anybody suggest any way I could improve to get a better grade by possibly changing my topic. I have gotten 6's and 7's on all other lang lit tasks and don't want this to ruin my grade. Thanks.
  3. IB-student27

    Chemistry Extended Essay Topic

    It also requires a lot of equipment my school may not have. Thank you for all your help. Do you believe it is possible to get an A with my original topic if the essay is written well? I am just worried cause my teacher has told us of students who scored very poorly due to doing overly simple topics for their extended essays.
  4. IB-student27

    Chemistry Extended Essay Topic

    Thank you for your response. I was wondering if attempting to quantify catechins in tea using cylic voltammetry would be a better extended essay topic. I feel it is more unique than my other topic and is also more sophisticated.
  5. IB-student27

    Chemistry Extended Essay Topic

    The current topic of my current chemistry extended essay is the optimisation of the voltage produced by a half-cell by changing the temperature and electrolyte of the cell and using that to mathematically model the output voltage produced by the cell as a function of those variables. However, during research I learnt about the existence of the Nernst Equation and realised I was simply investigating that. I also found a few threads online of people who did this topic as an IA instead of an extended essay which leads me to fear my Extended Essay topic is too simple. Could anyone give me advice on whether this would be a suitable extended essay topic. If not, are there any possible modifications I could make to my research topic. I am also open to alternate suggestions or even possible nudges in the direction of different topics I could choose to research in. I am very passionate about Chemistry and would like to do my Extended Essay in the subject.

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