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  1. IBLearner

    Pre IB French Project

    Hello everyone! For my final oral exam in grade 9 Pre IB French I am trying to find someone in another country besides canada to tell me what IB life is like in their countries. Anyone out there trhat can help? Thanks, IB Learner
  2. IBLearner

    IB World Wide

    Hello everyone. I'm in grade 9 pre IB in Canada and I was hoping if there was anyone else out there that could tell me how IB life is like in their countries. I'm quite curious about what and how we learn things differently. Good luck to those in the Diploma program on their exams and thanks!
  3. Hey there Wimp. I'm also in Ontario Canada and I'm in my first year of pre-ib. Usually all you need to know is your grade 7 stuff, English, math and french and a bit of grade 8 stuff. I don't know if our exams will be somewhat alike but all we had on mine was our french, math and English, all or mostly all stuff that we learnt in grade 9. Hopefully this helps and good luck on your exam

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