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  1. achuso

    Survey for my math IA

    https://goo.gl/forms/fgR45oiKA8UqoLg13 If you do not have a Google account or access to the link, it would be just fine if you could comment your first name (or preferred alias) and your birthday below the post. Thank you in advance!
  2. achuso

    Biochemistry in Chem EE?

    Not anymore, it is almost 2k actually
  3. achuso

    Biochemistry in Chem EE?

    So what you're saying is "overlaps are fine, just remember it is still chemistry"? That works I guess, I am intending to go through digestive organs and maintenance of blood pH, all with chemistry aspects. After all, biology is the application of chemistry on organisms for the most part, is it not? Thank you!
  4. achuso

    Biochemistry in Chem EE?

    At first I was intending to investigate the effects of vinegar of various kinds on human health, since it is a very open-ended topic I can work with. In accordance to this purpose, I calculated their enthalpy changes of neutralization with 1mol NaOH and conductivity WITHOUT DEALING W/ ANYTHING ON THE PH, following the path of "CH3COONa formed after the reaction affecs the strenght of the acid in X way and therefore changes the blood pH slightly/tremendously in large amounts blah blah blah". I haven't even started and it's due in 2 days lmao so I might add a bit more perspective than just blood. It's safe to procrastinate here, right? However, I'm concerned that it would be a terrible idea to involve Biology in my Chemistry extended essay, as it means it's chemistry AND biology now. Do you think I should keep the topic the way it is, or would it be a better idea to focus on the changes in vinegar properties instead? My EE's due Sunday with only 500 words done, so I'd appreciate any swift response, thank you in advance!

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