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  1. Hi, I'm pretty nervous, because of the M19 exam... I have the impression that everyone did really good in economics... If my calculations are realistics I may have minimum 32 points in economics. The grade boundary last year was minimum 31 to get a 3 (I took economixs HL). How many points maximum can a grade boundary increase ?
  2. Hi I gave my EE already back, and I just read about paraphrase quotations... I didn't did it correctly like I put the footnote number a the end of my paraphrased paragraph but I didnt begin my paragraph with "According to blabla".. I did mention the source but would it still considered as being plagiarism? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, I'm doing an extended essay about a book. I did a lot of researches and I have like 15 sources (including the definitions I searched). Is it "bad" that I researched so much ? Like, it's literature and I read somewhere that it shouldn't be too much sources and there should be more thinking and analysis from the person who is writing an EE in literature. Thank you advance, I'm really nervous
  4. Ema99

    Stolen idea

    Would it be possible for them to find out?
  5. Ema99

    Stolen idea

    Hi! I wanted to know your opinion about my problem: I'm writing an extended essay in literature and I wrote about smth I read on the internet. Like, I took the main idea but I didn't write the way the person wrote it. Should I still cite the source or can I keep it as it was my idea? Thank you in advance for your answers!
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