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  1. Hi I am planning to take HL Comp Sci HL Math Application HL Economics SL English Lit Spanish Ab initio For my 6th choice I have come down to SL Psychology or SL Theatre. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks .
  2. DMA

    Need views on my course load

    Thanks for your advice. The reason i was thinking of 4HLs was - (a) I have spanish ab initio that is supposed to be quite simple (b) I have been coding in java for at least 3 years outside of school so am hoping CS will not be crazy for me (but I could be wrong) (c) I am thinking of doing Math applications and not Math analysis and though this will be the first year this program is rolled out I have been told that it will be less of a killer than the current Math HL (but this is again risky).
  3. Hi, I plan to take these courses next year- HL- Computer science, Math applications & Interpretations, Economics SL- Psychology, English lit, Spanish ab initio. Does the work load look manageable? In case I want to take 4 HLs would you suggest Psychology or English lit? Thanks
  4. Hi I need help deciding between English Lit and Lang & Lit. Is there a big difference in course load? Do Universities prefer one over the other? Which one is easier to get a 6/7 in? Is there a specific set of books in Lit that one has to read and does the teacher pick those or IB sets the list?My English teacher has suggested Lit to me as he feels that Lit has the more serious English students and that keeps the level higher and the discussions more engaging. Thoughts and advice needed.
  5. I have to make my IB subject choices for next year soon. I was leaning towards taking IB theatre but now my school may be offering a new subject - Design technology and I am wondering if that would be a better choice. I am wondering about work load and also in which subject is there a better possibility to score higher.

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