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  1. It’s not. Used some random point as an example as the original question didn’t mention any.
  2. 1. Use first principles formula. However, quotient rule is quicker alternative... 2. First you find the slope function of f(x) = x^2 - 5, which is parabola. To find the tanget, you need to know the point where they're asking you for the tangent, any point as (x,y) for example (1,2). As the slope of function f(x) x^2 - 5 is f´(x) = 2x, just plug in the x-value of the point (which is 1 in this case) --> 2 x 1 = 2. That's the SLOPE of the parabola at point (1,2). Hence, you can use the line equation: y - y0 = m (x - x0), where m = slope at the point, so 2. Substitute point (1,2) to function as x0 = 1 and y0 = 2 ------> y - 2 = 2(x-1) and calculate it to get nice equation.
  3. Soon it’s time for the to choose subject for EE. I would like to hear your advice. In the future my goal would be to study Business. However, I’m not doing EE on Economics as I think I have enough studying in it with all the IA’s. Psychology is one possible, like doing topic eg ”psychology in business / negotiation” but I’m not sure whether it will benefit me enough, as it’s mostly about theories and studies in Psychology. English would be the last option. I heard it would be easy to get good grade, am I right? I’m good at analyzing stuff, but the question is about what topic I would choose in English. Eventually, are US/UK universities interested in what my EE topic/subject was? Is there anyone who has done EE in psychology, is it mostly studies/theories based?
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