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  1. Main Theoretical Issues in Psychology (HL)

    Free Will, Determinism
    Non-reductionism, Reductionism
    Nurture, Nature
    Subjectivity, Objectivity
    Idiographic, Nomothetic
  2. Why do we dream?

    Some basic theories on dreaming
  3. English B SL Exam Practice Question (Monday 15 November 2004)

    You are worried about something that is going on at your school (such as bullying or an environmental issue) and you feel strongly that you should do something about it. Write an article about the issue for your school newspaper, trying to persuade the other students of your point of view.
  4. English B HL Exam Practice Question (Friday 4 May 2007)

    You have been asked to interview a fellow student who designed an unusual summer camp experience for young people that took place last year. This camp was very successful. Write an article for your school newspaper based on this interview describing the camp and which aspects made it a success.
  5. English B SL Exam Practice Question (Friday 9 May 2003)

    In an e-mail to a new friend whom you met last summer, you mention some of the activities in which you have been involved recently. You are particularly enthusiastic about a new sport or hobby. In this correspondence you wish to provide information, as well as to convey your enthusiasm, about this sport or hobby. Write your e-mail.
  6. Health Psychology - Drugs and their Consequences

    A table of various drugs and the consequences of their usage
  7. Cognitive Perspective - Memory - Context and State-dependent Forgetting

    Describe one theory or model within the cognitive perspective related to information processing and use an empirical study to illustrate the strength of the explanation (8 marks)
    Explain how findings from research within the cognitive perspective have been applied in real life situations (8 marks)
  8. Theory of Forgetting: Displacement

    (concerning STM)
  9. Eating Disorders

    Some more infos on Anorexiae in regards to the biological, cognitive, learning and humanistic model.
  10. Treatment of phobias

    a) Describe one approach to the treatment of one dysfunctional behaviour.
    b) Evaluate the ethical problems involved in the approach to treatment of dysfunctional behaviour described in part (a).
  11. A1 (self taught) - Course Outlined + Assessment Criteria

    A1 (self taught) - Course Outlined + Assessment Criteria
  12. Coursework Template

    This is a nice overview of how your coursework should look like i.e. what it should include...
  13. German A1 - Very detailed description of all literature aspects

    literary terms + explanation for poems, dramas and narrative literature as well as some basics to interpreting literature
  14. Statistics

    All you need to know about stats (which is not much ) for the exams (Questions + Answers)
  15. Literary Terms

    The most important literary terms for literature analysis
  16. The Heart

    A labelled diagram of the heart and a short description of it's action

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