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  1. My chemistry IA investigates the different activation energy of the decomposition of H202 with Lead oxide and manganese oxide. My teacher told me to plot 1/Temp against Ln x 1/ Average Time taken but not how to actually calculate Ea. How do I get the activation energy if I have the time it takes for the percentage of oxygen to rise by 15% at 5 different temperatures and have it plotted 1/Temp against Ln x 1/ Average Time taken using the Arrhenius equation.
  2. Hi guys, I just wanted to ask if you think these topics are suitable for my Chem HL IA: -Either the pH change of water over a period of time and how it is affected by the temperature -The rate of reaction of glowsticks at different temperatures(Using a light sensor). I would be open to suggestions on titration reactions that I could do. Thanks in advance
  3. IBstudent8888

    i have no motivation and am failing

    I have the same thing but the way I got through my slump was a combination of two things. I got together with someone that was really motivated and quite strict with her studying regime and we studied together. We didn't talk we just sat and worked through our homework and made notes. The second thing was results. For example, I made really neat notes for 2 weeks of chem that I just didn't bother doing before and afterwards I rewarded myself with chocolate(simple but it works). Make yourself do something thinking about the consequences(an hour of boredom so I won't get in trouble for missing a deadline etc.) and reward yourself afterwards. It worked for me hope it does for you too!
  4. IBstudent8888

    Are You a Feminist?

    I believe gender equality shouldn't even be debated. In the past women have not had equal rights to men and modern society is now correcting those flawed views but we are not fully there yet. Stereotypes and gender roles are not only affecting women but also have a huge effect on men and so why wouldn't someone want gender equality? However, the word feminist has been tarnished by social justice warriors that only hurt the cause. The definition of feminism is searching for equality but instead, it has been distorted and misused. Soooo I believe in gender equality but I wouldn't want to call myself a feminist.
  5. IBstudent8888

    Very early start to the EE

    I have decided that I will do an English ee, however, I am having difficulty choosing a topic. I have some ideas these being the use of satire in the novels (and I'm not sure which two of these because I haven't read most of them yet) to criticise our society and the government in animal farm/1984 and Gulliver's travel/ Fahrenheit 451. Currently, I'm reading Mrs Dalloway and I would consider writing my essay on it but I don't have a topic or a book to compare it to and the same goes for beloved. The third option I was considering Madame Bovary and the awakening but I haven't read them either. Any ideas or opinions? If you have any suggestions I will add it to my reading list but it is quite long right now.
  6. IBstudent8888

    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

    I know many will argue that life starts after conception and if they have that opinion it is ok but in some situations, people either feel they have no choice or have considered all the other options and decided this is the best one not only for themselves but for the baby too. I think people should decide for themselves when it comes to that situation if to abort or not but they should have the option.
  7. I have done some research and it seems like the requirements to get into a German university are very high(looking at the points as you need 37-39 minimum). I just wanted to know if it is easier to get into a university in the UK or if German universities appreciate me doing IB.

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