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  1. DiviDivi

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? [not telling! ;)] 2. Where are you from? Ontario, Canada 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I don't exactly remember how, but I know that I was looking for information about my then-upcoming years in IB back in grade 9 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I was having trouble deciding if I should do the Extended Essay, and needed to put my question out there (decided not to do it BTW) 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Early February of this year 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Math, but I also love physics, unfortunately my school doesn't offer IB physics so I have to take it at provincial level... 7. When are you graduating? 2020, seems as though high school just came and went 8. What are your plans for university? Engineering, leaning towards civil - UWaterloo has no general first year for Eng students 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Watching too much YouTube, procrastinating, school track and field team, and sleep 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I wish there was a larger community and more discussion. The vast majority of accounts on here have made only one or two posts - I assume that most people make an account just to ask their one question, and remain inactive on the site once that question is answered.
  2. DiviDivi

    Pre IB Preparation

    Just elaborating: Pre-IB is not an "IB-official" program like MYP, instead it is modelled after the Ontario curriculum. So essentially you're signed up for Academic-level classes. There is very little difference between Pre-IB and Academic, maybe an extra unit added to a course, or an extra assignment that Academic students would not usually do. All the extra stuff that you do in Pre-IB, while it does prepare you for IB in the long run, really makes no difference. In grade 9, there were actually some non-IB students placed in my Pre-IB classes and they fared well. I also found my non-IB classes to be very easy (the open-level electives as well as Academic Geography). I know you're proud of your 87 average right now (which is an awesome grade to start Pre-IB with 👏✌️), but trust me when I say this: you really don't have to worry about your grades now. Canadian universities will only look at grade 12 marks - the exception being if you don't have a certain grade 12 course completed, in which case they will consider the corresponding grade 11 mark. But that's way down the road. Enjoy grades 9 and 10, they're really great. The freedom of being in high school without the concept of university looming over you. Also, don't skip class.
  3. DiviDivi

    Is this course combination manageable?

    Yeah I was going to say that, but you will likely have to sacrifice the history SL (depending on your school's course offerings). And what major/field of study are you working towards?
  4. DiviDivi

    Is this course combination manageable?

    What exactly do you want to get into?
  5. DiviDivi

    Is this course combination manageable?

    Are you sure about taking 2 individuals and societies courses? Most people choose a second science, because it keeps their options open for university.
  6. I think it's too broad. You could try a "to what extent" question, for example, I did my practice IA on "To what extent did Dutch Studies in Japan usher in a new era of science and technology?" You could also add on to your existing question, "What was the significance of the Katyn Massacre to ________?" I'm not the best person to give advice on the history IA, I finished my first semester of HL history at the end of January and am currently studying other IB subjects. I recommend that you post in the History section to get more replies and suggestions.
  7. Just did the survey. Good luck on your IA!
  8. DiviDivi

    Guess something about the next poster

    Not the 2nd in 2017, but first in 2019! Next poster either forgot or didn't know that this thread existed.
  9. DiviDivi

    Reply to the post Above.

    This thread skipped a year, I'm the first poster in 2019!
  10. DiviDivi

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but every card game will be really long, and require your constant attention for 24 hours straight minimum. My wish is to not have IB exams on my birthday.
  11. DiviDivi

    Is Physics Required if I want to take CompSci?

    Hello again, sorry for the super late reply, I had to "procrastinate on procrastination" this past week due to having two IAs at the same time. I'm sure you can agree when I say that choosing IB subjects is most definitely not easy, so let's start from the beginning. Your choices already satisfy the requirements for groups 1, 2, and 4 (literature, second language, and math): 1: English SL 2: French AB initio 4: Math HL (You also listed Bahasa Indonesia, but I'm not sure whether it fits into group 1 or 2) Now we get to the hard part. Let's review your options: Group 3 - Individuals and Societies: Econ, Business Management, ITGS Group 5 - Sciences: Chem, Bio, ITGS Group 6 - The Arts: Theatre, Art, OR any other subject (ITGS, being an interdisciplinary class, can satisfy either group 3 or 5) Okay. To start, I'll recommend that you replace one of the group 6 options with something from groups 3 or 5. If have a really good plan to get all requirements, and you have a strong interest in either theatre or art (perhaps you are very interested in design?), then you should waive my suggestion and consider an arts course. That said, let's get into the meat of this: The most important science is chemistry. It's not my personal favourite, but it's the one that is most requested by universities, based on what I have seen (I'm currently looking into many universities myself as I will be applying next winter). If biology is offered at SL at your school, take it in the place of an arts course. If HL, I would suggest that you skip bio. Why? One word: balance. I chose to drop to the IB Certificate program for that reason - it was not worth it for me to invest so much energy into HL History and HL English, when I could spend that time studying more science classes at the "regular" level, allowing me to gain experience that will better prepare me for my future in STEM. Now onto group 3. I very highly recommend that you choose ITGS, as it is your closest option to a computer science class. Here's a quick update on where we are now: Group 3: ITGS Group 5: Chemistry Group 6: Biology if SL, if not, see below Ah, yes, the group 6 question! Two of your course selections were Econ and History. If biology is really not your thing, take one of those instead. As I mentioned before, I think Econ would be of more beneficial to you in the long run than History. Business Management also seems like a good choice, but you seem to have a greater interest in Econ. I think I have mentioned everything that I needed to say. Here's my final list for you: Group 1: English SL Group 2: French AB initio Group 3: ITGS Group 4: Math HL Group 5: Chemistry Group 6: Your choice. My suggested rankings for you: 1) Econ 2) Business Management 3) History 4) Theatre or Art (I'm not too sure where I would place Biology on this ranking, as I do not know if it is HL or SL, and more importantly, this decision is dependent on your own interests) So there you go. I would like to apologize once more for such a late reply, hopefully this is not too late. There is always the option of dropping to an IB Certificate in order to take any classes that aren't offered at IB level at your school, which could prove beneficial. This is speaking from experience, trust me. My school has a very small IB program, so small that there are no subject choices. Most of the IB students at my school go "Partial," including me. I dropped in order to have the time to take physics at the "regular" level, as it was not offered at IB level. Without physics, I would be unable to apply to engineering programs at university. Also, as a Partial IB student, I don't have to write the EE, study TOK, or do CAS - perhaps not having to complete the IB core would give you more time to strengthen your coding skills? Or, if Partial is not for you, maybe Pamoja? I know that I mentioned this (as well as Partial IB) earlier, but I really think it's a good option if you're passionate about computer science. You already have a bit of an advantage, because computer science is quite easy to take online, given that the content of the course is already 100% digital. I've taken a CS course online before (not IB level, though), and I found that the online environment actually enhanced my experience, as I was truly immersed into the "techy" experience. I really hope not to overwhelm you with all that I have said here... it's quite a lot to take in. If you change your mind at anytime leading up to the beginning of IB, you will always be able to make the changes that will work best for you. I wish you the best of luck in deciding on courses, and IB in general!
  12. DiviDivi

    Is Physics Required if I want to take CompSci?

    I was just looking at computer science at McMaster University (another Canadian school) and saw that they require two of bio, chem or physics. While this is just one school, other universities might also want you to have taken two sciences. So, given your current selections, I would suggest that you definitely keep the Math HL, English SL, French AB initio. After that, things get a little complicated. Econ and history both satisfy the Group 3 - Individuals and Societies requirement. I would suggest dropping history, I believe econ would be more useful for you, as computer science is a rapidly expanding industry and there are many job opportunities in tech start-ups. There are a number of factors to consider here, so I must ask you: What IB subjects does your school offer?
  13. It depends on what you want to do, and what's offered at your school. If you might pursue a career in the performing arts, take theatre. But psychology in my opinion is much more useful in general.
  14. DiviDivi

    Is Physics Required if I want to take CompSci?

    Generally, yes, you could do computer science without physics. In my country, two schools that are good for studying computer science (Waterloo and Toronto) only require English and Math. I was unable to find admission requirements for universities in Indonesia, sorry about that. I would still highly recommend taking an IB computer science, physics, or chemistry - in that order - at higher level. You plan to get into STEM, so prepare yourself well for it. Remember that HL courses are usually the ones that universities allow transfer credits for. But it all depends on what your school offers. If you can't take a certain course at IB level, universities will understand if you take it in an alternative way (such as online, summer school, night school or at a private academy). There is always the option of dropping IB Diploma for IB Certificate, so you can take certain classes alongside your IB ones. Or, if you are really set on taking a certain IB class, you could take it online with Pamoja, but there is a separate fee for that. Might I ask what your chosen IB subjects are?
  15. I have decided to go partial in order to take the classes that I will need in order to attend university for engineering, as my school's IB program is very limited. Because I am partial, I will not receive a total score out of 45, ergo the essay grade will not count towards anything. The fact that my EE grade would not matter proves to be a double-edged sword; the benefit being that I can freely choose any topic and study it as I please, without the stress of a final grade; the drawback being the fact that all that hard work does not really go towards anything. So really, I would only be doing the EE for the experience. If I do the EE, I still need a subject. My current IB classes are HL English, history and bio; and SL French B, math, and chem. I have six listed because I don't know which ones I will drop, as that depends on the scheduling of the next school year. However, I am certain that I will be completing all the SLs, and at least the first of 3 semesters of each of the HLs. With that said, I would like to write an EE on a topic relating to engineering in some way. That leaves me with math and biology (chem is my least favourite science so that's off my list). I have heard that EEs in STEM don't usually do very well, however, again, since I am partial the grade won't count anyway. Then there's also the possibility of an interdisciplinary essay, if I did that I would choose a "sciencey" topic such as technology, energy security or the environment. So, my questions: Is the experience alone a good enough reason to go through with the EE? Is it worth it to do such an in-depth study "for fun" in math, bio or an interdisciplinary topic? (I'm also just starting math and bio, so I don't know what my IA topics will be) If there is anyone here who has completed the essay, what did you gain from the whole process, that you wouldn't gain from a regular essay? If there are any other partials out there, what did you choose to do?

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