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  1. So contacting my previous supervisor might be a good idea right? Thank you for replying
  2. Yo, so I wanted to know whether you can make a new EE altogether to upload to the IBO? I finished the IB in may 2018, recieved my grades, my EE was predicted as A, was happy you know (context around 80% of my year were predicted from C-D), go to check my grades, i got a D. Really didn't understand why but with some personal circumstances i was unable to follow up with the standard procedure to improve it or resend the final version in case of an error. Been a few months now, i have the time now to see whether i can do something but i can't seem to find any information about whether i can or not. I've even thought of making an entirely new EE since it would actually take more work to fix the old one that to start a new one. Any useful responses will be appreciated!!

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