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  1. I not sure which textbook is best to use when studying bm. For econ my teacher uses tragakes so i just go with it but for bm my teacher doesn't really use textbooks so im not sure which one to use. He told me that Paul Hoang's textbook is good for accounting part but I want to hear recommendations from you guys I currently own: Paul Hoang textbook Peter Stimpson and Alex Smith textbook Oxford 2014 But I can download more anything that is recommended
  2. I did do upload a number of notes on but I am not sure about the standard for getting VIP access (like how much I need to upload). Is there anywhere I can check for requirement/standard for VIP access?
  3. I have uploaded useful files but I still did not get VIP access. I'm not sure how long to wait since I want to get the VIP access and is willing to pay if I don't end up getting one by submitting file. Is there a specific number or type of file that I need to submit to access VIP? How long does it take for you to get VIP access? Should I just pay for it? Please answer me I really need the VIP access. thanks
  4. I don't really think you need to take philosophy or psychology but I know that universities would look for Economics HL and Maths HL for definite when you apply for an economics major. If you wanna get some extra credit I recommend you to take business but it doesn't matter if you don't. For English B I highly recommend HL since there are high possibilities that the college/university will ask you to get on your final 7 for English when giving you the offer. English B HL isn't that hard since it still is language B. If you struggle to take English HL and decide to drop out to SL, I highly recommend you to take IELTS test and score at least band 7.0 and hand it in when submitting application.
  5. thank you! I'll make sure to listen to these!
  6. I am currently trying to come up with a topic for my ESS IA and I don't know what topic I should do it on. I am thinking about doing something related to soil but I know that I need to carry out experiments to collect data. So a topic that requires an experiment that that is too complicated or takes a long time needs to be avoided. Would you guys mind giving me some ideas? It can be anything and maybe I can develop it to be my IA. Thanks you!
  7. Would there be a podcast I can listen to that is about IB that you guys can recommend to me? I take Korean A HL, English B HL, Business HL, Econ SL, Maths SL, ESS SL so podcast related these subjects would be great. Thanks!
  8. I'm sorry if this is the wrong question to ask in this forum I'm new here. I did set my name as my real name when I made my account but now I'm scared and embarrassed that someone irl will expose me when I post some stupid stuff here. Is there any way to change my name other than making a new account? If I am on the wrong forum or I need to contact a specific person for this issue please tell me I'm so lost😂
  9. Kang_Mal

    BM 1.1~1.7 notes

    Version 1.0.0


    1.1 Introduction to Business Management 1.2 Types of Organizations 1.3 Organizational Objectives 1.4 Stakeholders 1.5 External Environment 1.6 Growth and Evolution 1.7 Organizational Planning Tools
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