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  1. ssseva


    Dear @IBMondays! This situation is so familiar! The first thing I'd recommend you to do is talking directly to your classmates. However, you probably have done this already. If it doesn't help, you can appeal to the school administration. Maybe they could speak to students, motivate them, encourage them to start working. If it also fails and the issue is too nasty, you may even consider changing subjects. This option is extreme, think about it after you have tried everything else. Briefly, I had a similar issue. My friends and I picked many subjects to stay together in classes. And after some time I realised that they hadn't manned up and still do their monkey business on the lessons. After the first half-year, I decided to work hard on my own and changed my subjects dramatically (which altered my specialisation entirely). Now I am studying with hard-working students (who else would pick Chemistry 😃?). But my agenda is jam-packed now, and the syllabus is in times harder. Better think twice (many times) before trying this. For me, only this helped.
  2. ssseva

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    @pathetic09 By the way, I'm going to study medicine as well! Do you have any thoughts about the country? Though you still have plenty of time to do your research and come up with options
  3. ssseva

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    Hi, @pathetic09! It is great that you already have definite thoughts about your subject choice a half-year before the actual DP programme! I don't think one may call it "crazy". "Tough" indeed but there is nothing crazy, especially if you are passionate about these subjects. The main question is: have you made up your mind about your future job or area of interest? Even though you love courses you've picked and are successful in them, it doesn't mean you will need them all. Choosing subjects judging on their difficulty is not right. Your choice looks like a selection for studying medicine. Usually, besides Bio and Chem (sometimes, Maths) HL, universities require a very high IB score: 41-42+. So, I am trying to say that the next questions you need to ask yourself: what am I going to do in the future? Do I need all the subjects? If not, one less HL may save you points. 😉 That said, I hope I helped you. Good luck!
  4. @shellyhanani thanks for your reply! I believe it is a general requirement, however, applying to a medical faculty demands more than that. The problem with the information is that the majority of universities have their websites clumsy and often untranslated. Moreover, even if there are requirements, they are broad and unspecified
  5. ssseva


    Hi! Here you go, pal: http://ibdocuments.com/IB PAST PAPERS - SUBJECT/Group 1 - Studies in language and literature/ 😉 There are tons of past papers for many languages, please have a look
  6. Good afternoon, IB folks! It is my first year in DP, and only when the first half-year had ended, I realised that I want to change my specialisation. My HL subjects: Business and Management, English B and Russian A1; SL subjects: History, Maths and ES&S. I picked these subjects as kind of evil of the lesser kind because I had no clue what I wanted to practise in the future. Now I'm determined to become a surgeon. I talked to teachers at school and generally (theoretically!) changing B&M and ES&S to Chemistry HL and Biology HL is not that much of an issue (in comparison with the whole picture). The nastiest problem is where to study. I mostly strive for Germany because I know German at an intermediate level and the education there is relatively free. However, it is eminently challenging to get accepted to the major universities, and there are peculiarities one has to keep in mind. Has any of you experienced a similar issue? Has anyone applied to the universities in Germany to study medicine? Is there any sense in pulling this? And finally, does one have to pick Maths HL to become a doctor? Please, tell me everything you could share about this path. Thanks in advance 😊

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