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  1. You have to take a humanities subject in order to do the full IB Diploma. If you want to do Courses/Certificate you can drop your humanities subject. Hope this helps
  2. It is very tricky to do an EE based solely on a modern book. The examiners tend to frown upon it. I did my EE comparing Game of Thrones to King Lear based on stock characters and their portrayal of the themes of power and corruption. Maybe slightly alter your EE to include a comparison to a more classical book? Shakespeare is a good start. Hope this helps
  3. Hey, I would not worry about the average so much but it is much easier to do an EE in a language than history. I had the same dilemma and chose to do my EE in english. If you choose to do it in Japanese you can either do an EE on a book, or compare two books or look at a medium, such as a video, to analyse any language components. Hope this helps
  4. You can write about graphic novels, I do not know if comics fall into that category but you should check with either your IB counsellor or teacher.
  5. Write to me privately and I will translate for you, if need be. They should have general requirements.
  6. Some UK universities, like King's and Regents accept you with that point range. Also IE in Madrid and Bocconi in Milan might.
  7. Both accept the IB and both countries have high entry requirements. The UK just has more of a variety when it comes down to actual points in the IB, but require you to have other things, like certain points in HL or certain subject points depending on what you want to study. Germany, on the other hand, requires you to have, from what I remember, either maths or science at HL, regardless of what you study. I hope this helps
  8. From what I remember, you need either a math or science in HL to apply to Germany generally, regardless of what subject you are studying. You should also check out entry requirements for the course you want to take at numerous universities around Germany to see what they generally require from you. Hope this helps
  9. It will affect your university acceptance if you apply with these grades. You can ask your IB counsellor if it is possible for teachers to change your predicted grade before you apply. You should also probably check entry requirements of universities in Sweden, seeing as you might have the university you want to go to have a low enough entry requirement.
  10. It usually depends on what paper you are talking about. Some papers are stricter with citing than others. Also, I would cite it just in case regardless of whether the IB is lenient with it or not. I hope this helps
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