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  1. pathetic09

    Math Analysis or Application

    I believe there was a post on Reddit by a teacher who stated that neither was easier than the other (as even Applications had components of previous year HL math), but A&I (Applications and Interpretations) was for those who wanted to apply math to real life. I agree with kw0573 that you should do Applications.
  2. pathetic09


    Do Option 2. Option 1 may not seem hard at first glance, but that's a lot of coursework. It's better to get 40+ with 3 HLs than to get a lower mark with 5. In addition, I've heard that if you want to go into engineering, you will have to do 2 sciences.
  3. pathetic09

    Pre-IB in Canada

    Personally, my Pre-IB school kind of sucks in terms of education. But I can't say anything about any of the other schools, because I've heard that some people were able to receive perfect IB scores at their Canadian IB schools.
  4. pathetic09

    I need some help with choosing IB subjects!

    You can see the two syllabi on PrepScholar because it's a bit hard to tell the differences between two different subjects. And from what I've heard from my guidance counselor (I'm in the same boat as you as I start IB next year), Bio apparently works well with Psychology; in addition, I've heard that it's easier to achieve a high grade in it because it's mostly memorization. Do you think you'd like to do an HL science instead of Mandarin?
  5. pathetic09

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    @kw0573Thank you so much for the advice; I am aware of the differences and am considering dropping Psych down.
  6. pathetic09

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    @ssseva To be honest, I'm not too sure. I'm thinking about McMaster as I've only heard good things about it; in addition, it's pretty cheap compared to a lot of the good schools in America.
  7. pathetic09

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    @ssseva Thank you so much, I'll definitely keep this in mind! And yeah, I am thinking of studying medicine.
  8. pathetic09

    Is This Selection Actually "Crazy"?

    Hello y'all, We've recently been doing course selections at school, and I've done research and know which subjects are "hard" and "easy". The thing is, one of the teachers asked me what my choices are, and when I informed her of them, she said that I was 100% going to burn out, even when I emphasized that I had an interest in all of these classes and was already in the high 90s. In addition, my classmates have called this selection "crazy". HL: Math, Chem, Bio, Psych SL: French B, Eng Lit I do sports every morning and some afternoons, but I wrote a schedule out (and included free time) and think that this is bearable as long as I follow it. Any thoughts?

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