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  1. Seconding Darsao's suggestion. Could we have a "thonk" emoji? Or maybe even a skull emoji, to express how dead we are inside?
  2. Let's say that you get a decent score (~43) with 4 HLs. Will unis (especially ones in Canada and the US) be aware of the extra rigor and work undergone?
  3. I'm a prospective IB student hoping to get a >40 and my classes are HL A&A, Psych, Chem, Bio (I'm locked into some HLs because some SL classes aren't available at my school) and SL French and Lit. I'm just not sure if I'm wasting time this summer. Classmates are taking extra precalculus/chemistry/physics courses, etc, while I'm just moping around with language immersion and volunteer work, and I don't know if I should be trying to get ahead like them because chances are, I am going to forget the content by the end of the summer. I'm currently trying to familiarize myself with the syllabuses and the structure of IB, but I just feel a bit out of the loop. Should my 10th grade year content be enough foundation, especially considering that we are going to be taught new material?
  4. Reddit has a list of YouTubers: Good luck! :)
  5. Ah I see, apologies for not looking at Weiss87's country flag. I've heard that Canadian schools don't look at Grade 10 marks which is why I mistakenly said that, just for reference to anyone reading this who wants to apply in that country.
  6. Sweet. In my experience, Duolingo stops being extremely useful once you get the hang of the lessons and finish the tree, so I'd really suggest Kwiziq to get all of the concepts down. Good luck. And are you aware of your weaknesses in your subjects?
  7. Dang. Have you tried Duolingo or Kwiziq (something that can track your strengths and weaknesses)?
  8. Ah, I see. Do you think that studying Spanish a bit over the summer could help you to improve your mark?
  9. I haven't taken IB yet, but how strong is your understanding of Spanish right now?
  10. Hi Guys! My current subject choices are HL A/A HL Bio HL Chem HL Psych (might drop this to SL as I've heard that Year 2 is quite difficult; in addition, I would only like to do one option) SL English Lit SL French B I feel like this course selection leans towards medicine; however, what if I do not want to do medicine once the time comes to make a decision? Will this punish me?
  11. Apologies if I sound salty here, haha. - Do you think students have all the necessary support at their schools? No. Upon asking my supervisor for feedback, she barely looked at my work and said "that's good," in addition to giving me vague advice that wasn't even in the rubric. - How would you react if someone from the IB programme joins private tuition for PP? Idk what this means exactly, but I don't think the PP is worthwhile. However, it taught me that I hate writing and would never want to pursue a job as an author in the future. - Do you think it's the right thing to do if they are looking for the best possible score and they feel helpless or not satisfied enough with the school approach/guidance? Again, am not too sure what this is asking. But I don't think that score matters at all in the PP, whereas in the IB, it really does. - Do you know any student that is seeking extra help or planning to in the future because of this matter? Not really.
  12. Personally, graduating students at our school sell them for insanely cheap prices (for example, $10 for both bio and chemistry textbooks + the study guides), or even for free. Would such an arrangement be possible at your school?
  13. I believe there was a post on Reddit by a teacher who stated that neither was easier than the other (as even Applications had components of previous year HL math), but A&I (Applications and Interpretations) was for those who wanted to apply math to real life. I agree with kw0573 that you should do Applications.
  14. Do Option 2. Option 1 may not seem hard at first glance, but that's a lot of coursework. It's better to get 40+ with 3 HLs than to get a lower mark with 5. In addition, I've heard that if you want to go into engineering, you will have to do 2 sciences.
  15. Personally, my Pre-IB school kind of sucks in terms of education. But I can't say anything about any of the other schools, because I've heard that some people were able to receive perfect IB scores at their Canadian IB schools.
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