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  1. student-failed

    Practise Papers

    Oh my God!!! I LOVE MR WENG
  2. student-failed

    Practise Papers

    Hi so I am a year 1 student and taking the following subjects, HL SL Chem Lang and Lit Psychology Math Visual Art Span ab I know that if I look online I will easily fine practise exams, but right now that is not what I am looking for. I would like to know where I could find practise topic tests. I would like tests based on each topic, for any subjects that I have listed above... all would be great!!!! 😁 Thanks!!!🤗
  3. student-failed

    Just started International Baccalaureate

    Thank you for the clarification. I will definitely look into different topic.
  4. student-failed

    Just started International Baccalaureate

    Thank you for the help. I will look up world studies and if its doable I may do it but most likely stick psych cause medicinal marijuana wouldn't be something I would able to do as an experiment for Chem.
  5. Subjects I am taking HL Chem, Psych, Visual Art Standard English, Math studies, Span Ab intio So I have just started the International Baccalaureate and I am at the stage where I am planning what I am gonna be doing for my EE. I wanted to know if could combine two subjects for my EE. To make sense of what I have said, I would like to look at medicinal marijuana, which would fall under chem, but also want to look at the psychological effects. So o would like to do it in both chem and psych. I have no idea right now... but I hope someone is able to make sense of me and help me out 😅 Thanks!!!

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