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  1. Hey I am from India and I am doing Extended Essay in Hindi and I am stuck up with what topic should I take and how to take a topic and how to go on with it. I have taken help from my teacher but he has just given the broader topic like language, literature and culture-society but I need a more focused topic to frame my research question. So can anyone please guide me through the topics Thank you
  2. thanks for your help. It has clear a bit of my point.
  3. Ya I can understand that, also we haven't yet started calculus in our class but we have recently finished with trignometry which interests me. This youtuber has some good content but probably that wont be of my consideration as many of the topics discussed is not yet explored by me. But my interest in music (violin) and Architecture has brought me to the state of wanting to do something related to trignometry. Or any different idea for the topic that would be easy and scoring but HL type. So please just suggest one topic. From your experience in this board you must have come across many good topics and maybe thought of some also so just give one to me please. @kw0573
  4. For now my topic is to find the change in the models of frequency of the different chords in a violin. But I am not too sure of this topic and can change to something better if you could suggest. I want to do a good Maths HL IA so I can achieve higher grades and also it wont trouble me too much as this IB does. Hope you could help me with this @kw0573
  5. Then what could be an ideal approach for a Maths IA on music, probably violin. Please guide me through this. What topic should I take. @kw0573
  6. First of all thanks for your help. I was also thinking the same to not choose a very difficult topic but I certainly want to do something in music (violin) or maybe Architecture. Maybe anyone could suggest me some of the realistic ideas to go on with that approch. Also my idea deadline is tomorrow so maybe I figured out something real quick. Thank You
  7. I want to do my IA on music (maybe modelling curve using chords) as I am a violinst and a struggling IB student. My interest in both maths HL Calculus and music has bought me till here to do a IA on it. But as of now I am lost about how to start and then go on. And how far is calculus involved and will the IA be a success. I have no idea how to look into this topic and what should I apply it to could I get any advice, resources or any procedures? Please clear my confussions.(much needed of surviving IB🙄)... Thank You!!
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