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  1. Marysia

    Subject Selection for CS HL

    Depends on the school I guess. Perhaps you should ask the CS HL teacher at your school about this. At my school no prior no knowledge of cs is needed for the course as you learn these things from scratch as you go along. But I think a general interest in CS is all you need
  2. Marysia

    IB Subject Help

    Maybe try looking at different university requirements for particular engineering or business courses. Some may require Chem HL. I think you'll be fine without economics as not all ib schools offer this subject choice so unis are ok without it. And unless you want to go into humanities, English SL should be fine.
  3. Hey. I have to choose my ib subjects sby the end of this month and I can't decide whether to take geography or history sl ?. Some other subjects that im taking are: Chemistry Hl, Biology HL, English A Hl, Spanish B SL, Maths Sl. Im not sure about what I want to do in the future, possibly sth to do with medicine or business. I just wanna keep my options open so which Group 3 subject would you advise me to take?? Also, which one would you say is harder history or geo sl ? Thanks is advance

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