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  1. CoachP

    IA word limit

    Including appendix, front page etc. as well?
  2. CoachP

    IB Psychology 2019

    Hi Erika, I believe that you can continue to use the old syllabus EE. However, better ask your supervisor about this. Good luck
  3. CoachP

    EE turnitin percentage

    Does anyone fail to receive their diploma?
  4. CoachP

    EE turnitin percentage

    Hi all, I've recently submitted my Psychology EE and Turnitin checked me as 48% of my similarity index. Most of the percentage is when I used the aim, method, result and conclusion of each study, 8 in total. I've checked this with my supervisor and he said it's fine and nothing to worry. However, I felt scared when I read others' comments. Am I going to fail the diploma?

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