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  1. I'm looking at the world in general, but I do have statistics about experiments done with kids to observe the effect of violent media on aggressive behaviour, but your suggestion about comparing statistics makes sense, especially since I'm looking at if culture plays a role as well. I'm going to try and look at how the arts influence us in our childhood Vs in out adulthood as well. My AOK are the Arts, Human Sciences and History, and my WOK are language, emotion and reason. Thanks so much for the advice, I really needed it 😊
  2. So I've got my presentation due soon, and I have started working on it, but I keep second-guessing it, and I'm not sure if my research question is good 😣. This is it - 'To what extent do the Arts influence our understanding of morality/right+wrong?' The RLS is about violence in video he's and if they can cause real life violence. Any advice is really appreciated 😣
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