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  1. Hmm, okay thanks so much uni lover? 😂. Nice to meet you uni lover, Good luck and tell me how you did tom!
  2. Yea true, btw do you know how to achieve a good score on criterion C in the 20 mark question (CUEGIS)? because i always score low on it in my previous mocks hahahha. Can I ask what was ur highest mark overall on the essay?
  3. Literally doing the same! 😂 It's alright tho just wanna finish got no time... Ramadan in hours...
  4. Samee, but for me the questions were a bit vague and i also got pressed with time but I had the 20 mark question i think ur SL hahaha. Now practicing CUEGIS.... I'm choosing Coca Cola wbu? xD
  5. Exactly! Btw how is your exams hahahaha, Business paper 2 tomorrow as well?
  6. I'm not really sure, however in paper 2 they only say don't write about any organization you have see before like the ones in paper 2 and the case study of paper 1 that's it. So, probably its fine but double check!
  7. I'm currently doing this and taking notes at the same time, because I feel that I wanna revise all of it again and I just cant stop taking notes thinking its a big risk i dont know why.
  8. Aha, do you think with 1 month to go is it okay to write notes for all the topics or read and put notes on a word document I think notes is better, but do you think its too late? Because I am trying to fit a schedule to finish all topics and have time to do past papers, do you have any advice?
  9. Thank you, but do you know what does she mean when she said 'I would only revise 'obj 1 and 2' points, 'obj 3' wont really come up a lot.'
  10. For Paper 1, I would only revise 'obj 1 and 2' points, 'obj 3' wont really come up a lot. For Paper 2, you should still be remembering the 'obj 1 and 2' from Paper 1, so concentrate on 'obj 3' points, they are the 6-8 mark questions you get in some questions in section B. What do you mean by obj 1 and 2 etc. Also, my exams are in May and I just started taking notes will I be fine? I'm HL so I am trying to not waste time as much as possible, so does the content include mostly SL content than HL? Should I give SL content more importance?
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