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  1. Just_That_Guy

    Thoughts on my combination.

    Your setup is definitely doable. Physics is regarded as the hardest HL science in my school (we are offered physics, bio, chem at HL levels), however, I'm not sure how different SL Physics is from HL. I take Chem HL and my friends who are taking double science say that Physics is very hard (one of them is in SL), Physics is very math based, so math application might not give you everything, but should give you enough to be able to do well on assessments in Physics
  2. Just_That_Guy

    Retakes many years after?

    I'm not knowledgeable of the maximum age allowed, but the only exam that you might have to test different for is mathematics. HL Math is going into it's last year as an IB subject, it's getting replaced by what most just call Analysis HL. I am not sure what content will be covered. There is an HL Math exam planned for May 2020, but I'm not sure if you would be allowed to take it.
  3. Just_That_Guy

    Help history exam

    Here's a link to a pdf of a text that discusses Mao's foreign policy. Hope it helps: https://www.marxists.org/history/erol/ncm-5/cpc-policy.pdf
  4. Just_That_Guy

    What math should i take for computer science?

    So HL A&I is a mixture between Studies and SL, and SL A&A is a mix between SL and HL. There is very little HL math involved though.
  5. Just_That_Guy

    HONEST tips and advice from an IB 42

    Absolutely! My apologies for responding so late. I would love to see another video!
  6. Just_That_Guy

    HONEST tips and advice from an IB 42

    I'm just gonna say, thank you very very much. This helped out alot!
  7. Just_That_Guy

    i need motivation pls help

    It really depends on what your goals are. If you want to have a "better" chance at getting into a better school, I suggest trying to make it through the IB, you're almost there. I truly hope you can find what it is that will benefit you the most Good luck
  8. Just_That_Guy


    A few questions, as I am also starting my IA. Are you in SL or HL? That will affect your word count. Also, what aspects of the massacre do you want to look into and analyze? Just doing an IA on the Valentine's Day Massacre is way too broad. I would recommend looking at how it affected views of safety in an area that was presumed to be safe, or looking at the affect it had on the media; granted, there isn't much left of media or news from then.

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