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  1. Hi everyone, quick question. What are some key passages from Importance of Being Earnest that are 40 lines or longer? By 'key' I mean, major/extended metaphors, turning points in the plot, offering insight or key theme, soliloquies or discussions either one is fine. Any help is much appreciated..
  2. Hello, im guessing no one knows where to get what i'm looking for?
  3. Dear all, So I'm using the Hodders: Physics for the IB Diploma- John Allum and Christopher Talbot - Second Edition textbook, but for the various "Questions to check understanding" sections I cannot find any DETAILED/WORKED SOLUTIONS for them either in on the hodder site online (they only give numerical answer to the examination style questions) and I even checked Slader for user submitted worked solutions, but they didn't have it for this textbook... in the back of the book is just the numerical answers.. Any idea where I can get the worked solutions for Version 2. Thanks in advance!

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