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  1. Phil2154

    Biology HL P1 and P2 TZ1

    How did you do? I think it was great!! P1 was easy and P2 had a great section A! I said that the stem cells were in interphase and that the other two processes were DNA replication and protein synthesis... I choose 5 and 7 to answer from Section B... I had sort of a difficulty in answering the question "which processes lead to genetic variation of the sperm of an adult male"... Should I describe the process of spermatogenesis??? Competitive and non competitive, differences between oogenesis and spermatogenesis and IVF were really easy! I am predicted a 5 but I think that was a 6!
  2. Phil2154

    Chemistry HL P1 and P2 TZ1

    I loved the one with the A B C D E too! I think A was a secondary halogenoalcane, B a secondary alcohol, C a ketone, D a tertiary halogenoalkane and E a tertiary alcohol! I hope I'm right...!
  3. How did you do? I think that P1 was really easy but P2 was a bit tricky... I answered questions 6,7 (periodicity and organic)... I hated the exercise in section A with the Arrhenius constant and the one with the vapor pressure... How much did you find the b.p. of benzene? I said it was 80.
  4. Phil2154

    Math SL P2 TZ1

    The eggs was surely a binomial distribution question.... @summer glau: I found the ln question really easy since we had a calculator... Where were you stuck? Only Americans and Canadians here right? (I mean in TZ1)
  5. Phil2154

    Math SL P2 TZ1

    stupid bucket.....only the first questions... show that a=4 and that stuff..
  6. Phil2154

    Math SL P2 TZ1

    Thanks! Don't remember any of your other answers? Also nice Sheldon pic!
  7. Phil2154

    Math SL P2 TZ1

    Cmon my dear friends... Let's discuss this TZ1 paper 2 of maths... Didn't like it too much... Section A generally good but section B a FAIL... Does anyone remember any of his answers? 1st question about this triangle: I found the side 13.9cm and the angle 34.1 degrees. In the question concerning the eggs (probability) the expected value was 240*0.05? Also in the normal distribution question I think k was somewhere in the +1 s.d region and I found it to be 29.3...
  8. Phil2154

    Math SL P1 TZ1

    I am really glad you all write it "pi" and I write it "π"!!! Anyway... I think paper 1 was difficult for me since I hadn't studied enough but I solved the vector exercise! Does anyone remember? It was asking for the magnitude of a vector and then for the sine of this magnitude... I found -1/3... totally wrong? Thanks!
  9. Phil2154

    Psychology SL and HL P2

    Some people are saying they answered one question in abnormal and another one on another option... Why did you do that? Did you have time???
  10. Phil2154

    Math SL P1

    most of you are tz2 right? I am tz1... I found almost all of section B difficult... I didn't have time for the graph it asked... any other tz1 guy?
  11. Phil2154

    Math SL P1

    I thought it was a bit difficult but I hadn't studied enough! Cmon dear American friends! Tell me how you did!!
  12. Phil2154

    General Examination Inquiries

    I had 7 answer sheets....no there is no problem.....something is wrong with your teacher...
  13. Phil2154

    Psychology SL and HL P2

    I am doing the Abnormal Psychology option and everyone in my class did the question referring to biological and sociocultural factors influencing one disorder... How about you??
  14. Phil2154

    Psychology SL and HL P1

    I did exactly the same with you although I'm not going for a 7! I just used two answer sheets... guess you used more Almost everybody in the examination room did the cognitive one... I was tricked with the or in social OR cultural... I didn't know which one to do and it seemed tricky... Ok I'm now posting another topic for Psychology P2. I'm standard level but it will also be for HL...
  15. Phil2154

    Psychology SL and HL P1

    the hormone question was the same in TZ1. We also had: evaluate one research study concerning schema theory (Easy Bartlett!) and explain two errors in attribution (also really good). Long answer were a bit tricky: one was explain ethical considerations in genetic research, the other to what extend do social or cultural factors affect one cognitive process and explain factors influencing conformity! Generally good!

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