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  1. S_Orbital

    Is my math Sl IA idea good enough?

    Thank you for the reply. I thought of perhaps having a more complex shape in order to add extra steps to it. I think that doing this would increase the complexity of the IA and therefore potentially grant me a higher mark. Do you think that this may be true? Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it
  2. S_Orbital

    Is my math Sl IA idea good enough?

    Hello everyone, I have found a new idea for my math sl ia but I don't know if it's good enough for me to proceed with it. As a result of my research I found that I could find the volume of objects such as vases with the use of the volume of the revolutions of solids formula and some other mathematical processes. Do you think that the use of this concept and combining it with a real life object is sufficient for a SL IA? Thank you in advance
  3. S_Orbital

    Is my Math SL IA idea sufficient?

    Thank you for the reply. I've got a new idea now. How do you think I could model vibrations of an object such as a rubber band mathematically? Do you also think it would be appropriate to look at resonance waves? Thanks again
  4. S_Orbital

    Is my Math SL IA idea sufficient?

    Hello everyone, I was looking for math IA ideas and I thought of trying to prove that the double angle formulae are correct. This fits in with the SL syllabus because I use the formulas and the Unit circle. Do you think that this sort of exploration would be appropriate to get around a level 6-7? Does it have potential? Thank you in advance
  5. S_Orbital

    Is my IA idea too generic?

    Hello everyone, I want to do a chem IA on the effects of increasing the voltage on the yield of Copper gotten through electroplating but that seems like a generic idea which everyone might have. Do you think that it's generic? If so, what can I do to make it more "original"? Thank you in advance
  6. Hello, I'm starting research for my business HL IA on the topic of HR and I would like to get some general advice on it. I want to do the IA on a state-owned postal service as they have had many issues with labour turnover and because of that, I thought that I could do the IA on motivation techniques that could be used. How do you think I would fare with conducting primary research on a state-owned business? Also, what kind of research could I do to get the data I need? Thanks a lot

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