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  1. HanoBee

    HI Cold War origins --> topic?

    You're welcome Well how about you investigate the extent to which the nuclear bomb was a "spark" to the Cold War. It was kind of like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which sparked WWI.
  2. Well there's ibpapers.com, angelfire.com (browse for the IB section), texas instruments is great for math GDC directions, historylearningsite.co.uk, learnhistory.org.uk, johndclare.net (the last three are for history), ibmaths.com, goto.glocalnet.net/ibweb/, that's all I could think of right now! Hope it helped
  3. HanoBee

    HI Cold War origins --> topic?

    What I wanted to do in Cold War as a question was the Space Race between USA and USSR. What interested me is the Apollo operation and whether or not it actually happened and USA was the one who put the first man on the moon or not. There is no evidence of the original tape in the American archives, they say it's "lost". But how would the archives lose something as important as the video recording of the first man that landed on the moon? This makes you think of the assumption that maybe USA faked the first man on the moon video in order to win the space race with the USSR. Observation of the original video by experts would reveal whether or not the video was a sham, which would explain why it suddenly "disappeared". It's a very interesting topic and I think you can find a lot of information about it online. Another topic in the Cold War is the solidarity of Poland. What I wanted to write about specifically is how much the Polish Pope was involved in supporting the movement. And whether or not his assassination had anything to do with the almost radical support he gave to the Gdansk event and whatnot. It's also very interesting but I didn't get the chance to do a lot of research about it. Good luck!
  4. HanoBee

    Subject Choice help?

    Well I highly suggest you DON'T take 4 HL, it's going to be VERY difficult for you, but seeing as your University options are anthropology and archaeology, I suggest you stick to History, English and Biology, drop Geography though, IB is a highschool curriculum, not a pre-university one, as much as it seems like one. If you really want to take Geography, you may want to take it at HL for the first year, and as soon as you find it's coming in the way of your assignments and etc, you can drop it. You can drop any subject that's not mandatory or necessary to your combination at any time. A friend of mine changed from English A1 HL to English A1 SL in the middle of the final IB year. No one has the right to stop you, even if you want to drop the course completely. And as far as I know, you do not need to write a letter to the IBO, but check on this, send an email to the IBO asking them. Good luck!
  5. HanoBee

    TOK Presentation topic help

    Umm okay I'm going to give you some of the options I considered for myself when I had the presentation. I did mine on Synesthesia, it's actually very interesting and "contemporary" if you'd like to put it that way. There's a book that I based the presentation on called "The Man Who Tasted Shapes" by Richard Cytowic (I'm not sure of the spelling). Look it up you might find it interesting. Other ideas are: - Iluminati cult and the New World Order domination (related to masonry, Angels & Demons (a book by Dan Brown), subliminal messages for conditioning the youth and adolescents likewise, etc..) - The Black hole - Avatar (the movie) has a lot of TOK-ish issues such as running away to another world (escaping reality), the universal connection between all inhabitants of nature, sustainable development at the cost of nature, etc.. - Blondes vs. Brunettes and the debate about the Brunettes being smarter which is argued to be scientifically proven. - Theory of Longevity (genetically engineering human genome to eliminate all the "killer" genes so humans can attain immortality) those are just some of the ideas I can think of right now Hope it helps & good luck!
  6. HanoBee

    To what extent is dance a language?

    I love the idea and I think dance does communicate sentances of a message. One of my favorite So you think you can dance performances is called "Dancing by Elisa" by Lacey and Kameron. It definitely articulated the message behind the dance. You can argue that body language is even more important than verbal language. One idea is to take the saying "actions speak louder than words" and argue that it not only applies in the sense we put it in, but it also applies in the literal sense. What you can also do is bring a very abstract contemporary performance and make a certain number of people watch it and then ask them about their own analysis of the meaning behind it and then compare the results to see how similar they are. The results could be similar which proves that Dance is a language, or they could be different which would prove that it's not as effective a means of communication as verbal language is. Both ways it would be useful. However, make sure that the performance is VERY abstract so you don't get an argument that, "well it was obvious" Hope this helped if I get more ideas I'll let you know Good luck !
  7. No, I remember the teacher saying that they don't focus on the spelling when it comes to subjects that aren't languages. So I think you should be safe. History needs very good time management I doubt they'd keep in mind the spelling mistakes when all students are in a hurry.
  8. Before the Great Depression it was the most powerful industrialized nation but it regressed for while and until it joined WWII the US was still suffering greatly when it came to industry and the economy in general. That's when the USSR took the chance to "isolate" itself from the rest of the world and make itself self-sustaining so that it wouldn't need help from any other nation.
  9. Wow o.o We have 8 people in IB2 and I'm not sure about IB1 I think it's 13 or 12. But wow, many of you guys have over a hundred students in IB. My school is so tiny.
  10. HanoBee

    Name Your IB School

    German School Beirut, Lebanon It's going to be over in 8 days Okay no offense, but I was reading through the school names and some of you guys wrote graduating in 2011 and 2012, and my heart sank with each "2011" and "2012" that I read. You have a year to go though o.o two years for some people. My heart is with you all and Good Luck =D Enjoy it Okay I'll shut up now.
  11. i thought paper 3 was good. I'm TZ2, I took the question about the post-war peace treaty (I wrote about the Locarno treaties), and the failure of collective security, and the last question I took was a bit risky, I think they might now give me any marks for it. It's the question that was like "To what extent, and with what results, was there an industrial revolution in the fifty years that you have studied about one country" or something like that. The thing is I didn't prepare very well for P3, and this was the only question that I thought I might be able to answer. We never took the industrial revolution but we took the USSR under Stalin. So I wrote about how Stalin industrialized the USSR and made the Five Years Plan, and by the end of the 1930's Russia was the most powerful industrial state in the world. I don't know if they're going to consider what happened during Stalin's rule as an "industrial revolution" but it was industrialization, right?
  12. HanoBee

    For all IBers

    Hey guys, okay so while I was looking for helpful links for tomorrow's P2 English A1 essay, I stumbled across a link which pretty much includes links to a lot of subjects in IB, I would've found it very helpful had I been in the first year of IB or at least about to begin my final year It has links to guidelines about IA's, EE's, literature works analysis, pretty much everything! Check it out http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/ib-notes/ I hope you find it helpful! Good luck
  13. HanoBee

    Study Skills

    well honestly, whatever subject it is, i just read. usually i leave everything till the last minute (surprisingly even now in the actual May exams), and i just read whatever i have over and over (as many times as my time would allow me). this way i'll have a vague general idea about everything and i can improvise from there based on background knowledge and stuff that i caught the very rare few times that i was actually paying attention in class. Procrastination =D
  14. I'm pretty sure that the IB made a mistake in that question, and it got me stuck and I lost around 20 minutes (causing me not to have enough time for the exam)... It said that Jose misses the bus 2/3 times, and 1/3 times he obviously catches it. But then, in that table you had to copy and complete, under 0 euros, it should have been: (probability of missing the bus) * (probability of missing the bus) = 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9 when they put that it was 1/9... Can anyone confirm this? I'm thinking about going to talk to my teacher... Your completely wrong, the IB DID NOT get a question wrong. I was able to get it right, i think that you flipped the probabilities of missing and not missing the bus. I truly cant remember the numbers now, but based on the probabilities of what you just said, it seems like the probability of missing is 1/3 and not missing is 2/3. I do remember what the table was like: X 0 3 6 P(X=x) 1/9 4/9 4/9 at first for the 6 i got 6/9 but then i added them up and they were more than 1 so i was like wth o.o but as far as i can remember i got the same combination you did, 1/9 4/9 4/9

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