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  1. Hello everyone, I am an IBY1 student, but my gf just finished IBY2 today (finished with the french exam I think). She has had a problem for quite some time, which was that she forgot to reference 1 sentence she used on her EE (and she copied it word by word). It wasnt too big of a sentence, but she forgot to reference it nonetheless. She was told by our IB coordinator that if the IB is to accuse her of plagiarism, they will do so during her exams in May. Seeing how the exams are officially over in all around the world, and she has not been accused yet, does that mean that she is on the clear? Or is there a chance that she may yet get accused? Thank you all very much in advance
  2. Hello, We are practicing for our CUEGIS essay for next year, and our teacher said that we can write about the same company as in our IA. Wouldn't that be collusion? Are we allowed to write about the same company, in two different assessments? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks a lot for the responce, that helps
  4. Hello, I am an IBDP Y1 student, and we must come up with a topic for our extended essays soon, so we can write them over the summer. I am interested in Physics, but so far we have done only kinematics, the option (engineering), and waves, so there's not much I can do. Our teacher showed us a sample EE (https://www.easthartford.org/uploaded/ciba/Physics_1.pdf), and I found it very interesting. I also want to do something related to rotational mechanics, as it is easier for me, and more interesting. I was just wondering, would I be flagged for malpractice if I do something similar to this sample EE? Of course I won't actually plagiarize it, nor will I copy anything from it. But I do want to do something similar (rolling down an incline, maybe finding the maximum speed, maybe doing smth with slipping). This is a science EE so I'm pretty sure already that if I choose to do this, I will make use of similar formulas, or similar theory, maybe without even being aware of it. Will this be okay or will it be considered plagiarism by the IB? I really don't want to pick a different topic, as this is my favourite one, plus my only other choice would be waves which is very hard for me. Does anyone maybe know anyone who did a topic similar to what has been done before, and was still fine with it? Thanks
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