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  1. LeonGeorge

    Brag about something your proud of!

    Bragging is something absolutely new for me, but let's do it! I'm proud of being a good(I hope) son to my parents and I'm proud of being part of the team and working at this website , also I'm proud of studying hard for my exams and I'm proud of working on myself to be a better person.
  2. LeonGeorge

    Sleeping hours

    I don't even remember the time when I could get more than 4hrs sleep. Between family, work and studying it's impossible. I'd say it's going to get better, but it won't. Only after 60-65 years, maybe.
  3. LeonGeorge

    IA moderation

    I don't think that should be a problem. My friend is working with development of AI - i can ask him if you'd like.
  4. LeonGeorge

    Would you rather...?

    Tattoo definetely:D Would you rather work for a year without a salary, but after that for 100$k a month or for five years at a salary 20$k?

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