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  1. tiredstudent7

    History IA Topic

    I can tell you've already given some thought into the topic. Based on what you mentioned in the first post, your main thoughts have been about the effects of the Hitler Youth instead of what impacted them. If you want to stick with the idea of propaganda, I'm curious if instead of shaping the 'ideologies' of Hitler Youth you could explore 'actions' to allow for more exploration of the significance of propaganda. I think that both could easily be worked with, so either one sounds like decent topics. Some ideas you could explore (keep in mind that these are just suggestions - I haven't personally conducted research so I don't know how they fit in with your topic): -How Hitler took advantage of these youth groups to promote institutionalized fascism; exclude people who don't fall under his ideology from a young age -The promotion of fearlessness and war-mongering among youth -Anti-church indoctrination to promote classlessness and easy introduction of Hitler's ideals I'm not exactly an IB teacher so I can't give you super detailed help. I think you've thought a lot about this topic, though, so I'm sure you'll do well. Best of luck!
  2. tiredstudent7

    History IA Topic

    Do you have a question yet? It may help us in giving advice.
  3. tiredstudent7

    SL Bio or SL Physics or SL CompSci

    In the long run, compsci will likely be the most useful in economics. I can think of lots of practical uses it may have in the field.

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