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  1. Certified_IB_Cultist

    blurt random lyrics out!

    About 3 years late but meh Let me tell you what I wish I'd known When I was young and dreamed of glory You have no control Who lives, who dies, who tells your story -from Hamilton, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
  2. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Interview: Who are you?

    What is your real name? Kat 2. Where are you from? USA 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I was bored in TOK and looking for stuff about TOK presentations 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I thought it was a cool site and we all need IB help, my school doesn't really give us that much help with IB and the coordinator (who is also my TOK teacher) is kinda rude at times. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Last week, i think it was Wednesday or something? 6. What is your favourite IB subject? IB Philosophy, I love my teacher and the class is amazing. 7. When are you graduating? May 2020 8. What are your plans for university? I'm considering education, or maybe something in communications. I'm still figuring out what I want to do. I want to be a published author. 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Theatre, church choir, swimming, writing, sleeping. 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I don't see any problems with it right now, I love that this is a global extension of IB and we all help each other through IB.
  3. Certified_IB_Cultist

    I need help IB students

    Normally, we just tell the teacher if we have an IB/AP test that day, we've had to rearrange TOK presentations so many times because everyone has IB and AP tests. Some of the teachers communicate, some don't, it depends on the school I guess. Everyone talks to the IB coordinator about IB but not all the teachers coordinate, especially if they're in different subjects. History will coordinate with other history, english will talk to other english, ect.
  4. Certified_IB_Cultist

    You know you're in IB when.......

    You shudder at certain words TOK has ruined for you (like the word c-u-l-t-u-r-e)
  5. Certified_IB_Cultist

    IB Myths: What have you learned after joining the program?

    "TOK is easy and fun." "IB Physics isn't that bad." "IB candidates are like one giant family." TOK is awful, don't get me started with physics and the majority of people are jerks. Some are amazing wonderful people whom I look forward to spending more time with. Others are salty snippy picky condescending rude fakers.
  6. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Is my IA idea too generic?

    I don't think it's generic, I'm not in IB Chem but I did my Physics IA on measuring g force through free fall (I dropped golf balls from different heights), just make sure you state why you chose the experiment in your write up.
  7. Certified_IB_Cultist

    What does your username mean?

    My TOK teacher hates the term "IB Cult", which is something us IB people came up with a long time ago (she goes on a rant every time someone says "IB Cult") and I was in TOK when i made my account, and it just came into my head so I decided to just do it.
  8. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Thoughts on my combination.

    For me, Physics SL is hard but that's mainly because I have an awful teacher. If you have a good teacher for Physics then you're good. There is a lot of math and formulae in Physics, but that's what the calculators are for !
  9. Certified_IB_Cultist

    TOK Presentation Help

    I came up with two knowledge questions, a broad one and a narrow one: How does knowledge or the lack thereof impact treatment of diseases? (Broad) How does incorrect shared knowledge of depression lead to a rise in severe depression and suicide? (Narrow) I'm thinking of the broader one, since I feel that will allow me to delve deeper into more statistics, maybe statistics of teens, adults, and seniors. For the real life situation, I don't know how comfortable I am going too personal and using my own real life situations, or if I should use other real-life situations with statistics, such as the number of teens or the percentage of teens who are depressed or commit suicide. From there I could go into how knowledge impacts people with depression like the wrong knowledge (oh but you're so happy all the time! you can just snap out of it! You're fine you don't need anything! It's all in your head) and how much we as a society (i can go into different societies, like how USA deals with depression vs how England/Australia/Spain/ect deals with it, then the stats from those countries) are doing. Are we doing enough? Are we doing too much maybe? Are we giving too much of the wrong knowledge? Are we portraying this correctly in an attempt to educate (the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why would be a good example, there's a lot of controversy about that show)? Thoughts? Thanks again!
  10. Certified_IB_Cultist

    What happens if the wrong version of your EE is sent in?

    To sum it up... You're screwed. Start praying to whoever you believe in, or if you're atheist just skip straight to the crying. This didn't actually happen, did it?
  11. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Should I take HL bio??

    If you're not a very sciency person, I wouldn't recommend an HL science. I'm currently in SL Physics, and that was the worst mistake I've made. I hate the class, I understand nothing, and the teacher is just awful, but that's just for my school. Someone in a different school in IB Physics probably loves it, it's all based on the experiences in individual schools. See if you can find a way to talk to some of the IB seniors in HL biology, they'd be able to tell you more about how the teacher runs the course, what they struggled with the most, and how exams are/were (my school doesn't have HL biology so I don't know when those exams are). Remember that it's going to be a 2 year course, and you're going to have to remember stuff you learned the beginning of your IB journey at the end of your IB journey (which for a lot of people is very hard. It's hard to even remember stuff I learned at the beginning of this year). If you have to take a science to graduate, I would suggest an SL, perhaps Environmental Science since you said you don't like dissecting and the human body. For any HL, make it something you enjoy, or at least something you don't hate with every fiber of your being. At my school, everyone in IB has to take HL English. I chose HL History of the Americas (the only HL History class offered at my school) because history is interesting to me, and I chose HL Philosophy because it sounded interesting (best thing I ever did in IB). Hope this helps! Good luck!
  12. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but after 13 hours you can only partially do whatever thing you just mastered My wish is to find someone who loves me back
  13. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Reply to the post Above.

    Does this mean I'm the second poster in 2019?
  14. Certified_IB_Cultist

    Guess something about the next poster

    Nope only have 1 younger brother Next poster loves IB Physics
  15. Certified_IB_Cultist

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    https://study.com/blog/i-m-a-teacher-and-here-s-my-honest-opinion-on-standardized-tests.html We were doing a practice TOK presentation on the teacher rally in Columbia, SC and one of the reasons teachers were rallying is bc the state of SC wants us to have more standardized tests

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