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  1. Hey guys, So I chose the third prompt for my TOK essay (does it matter that your personal circumstances impact how seriously your knowledge is taken, I say yes it does) and I was going to use Ethics (from there go in to Sense Perception and Reason), Human Sciences (go into Philosophy and maybe some law). For my counter-claim I planned to say that no, it doesn't matter because only knowledgeable people should speak about knowledge (we go to historians as credible sources for History, I wouldn't go to my chorus teacher for a math problem or my math teacher for help singing a song). I'm not really sure how to start or format this, or how I can bring a real-life situation for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Anytime! For that, I would look at Galileo and the Catholic Church, his theories were a HUGE breakthrough in science as well as a huge source of anger for the Church (they didn't like being told they were wrong).
  3. I feel that. Only 6 more months till exams, then we're free!! I would visit... 1. Italy 2. Vatican City (inside Italy but I want to visit both) 3. Israel (I want to visit all the sacred spots like where Jesus was born, where He died, the Tomb, anywhere. It'll be super dangerous but I want to go anyway)
  4. I think it means to look at the time period in which the theories were made; look at what was going on in that country and in the world because that influences a lot of theories, especially with the sciences. One example could be sciences during the World Wars. A lot of the tech made then was for the war and pretty much everyone was focused on the wars. So any theories made during either of the World Wars were most likely influenced by the Wars.
  5. Honestly if you don't like the subject, don't do it as an HL. I'm not in Chem HL, but I don't like science very much, I struggled with honors chem so I chose not to do any science HLs. Since you need a science, do a science SL and pick whichever one sounds the easiest from the classes your school offers. Talk to some of the IB people in the grade above you; they'll either have taken the class or are taking the class or know someone who has. Hope this helps!
  6. Which areas of knowledge are you thinking about using? I would pick two AOK and then come up with some theories about both, then discuss the theories. Hope this helps!
  7. So I've finished my EE and it's currently in Managebac, but there's a button that says "request EE approval" and I don't know what my turnitin rating is, nothing's showing up on my managebac for that. My TOK teacher didn't explain anything to us she just said to turn it in to Managebac. She has a habit of not explaining things to us until after they're due and since the EE is a big part of IB I really don't want to mess this up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Show people how they're supposed to format everything for IB and not tell them vital info about their EE's the day before the first draft is due in Managebac
  9. That seems like a good start, if you haven't already I would ask your teacher for more guidelines. I would maybe include some hobbies, maybe your reasons for choosing IB and some general info about yourself. Hope this helps!
  10. That sounds like a good knowledge question and RLS to me. I assume you're talking about video games? If so, I'd start by looking up statistics about video games and violence. Are you looking at a specific age group/country/age group in a country or just in the world in general? I would suggest choosing an age group in the UK since that's where you live and for the other RLS part of the presentation, look at similar statistics worldwide. What WOK and AOK are you looking into? Hope this helps!
  11. Hot because you got a 7 on the physics SL exam props to you 👏👏
  12. So I took the IB Physics papers last Friday and two days ago. When taking the first paper, I only knew of about 3 or 4 questions I answered correctly (out of 30). When I got to the second paper, I knew nothing except for one question part. My teacher completely skipped over a few topics, and paper 2 was almost entirely one topic (I don't know if I'm allowed to say what topic). Paper 3, the option, was better than Paper 2 but still not good. My teacher chose astrophysics for us without telling us what the other options were, and then told us she didn't have time to teach it in class and gave us worksheets and videos and told us to basically teach ourselves. I could have answered a few other questions on the other options, but none of the astrophysics questions. I believe she told us she didn't have time to teach it in class because we spent a lot of class time on the IA because she gave it back to us about two and a half weeks before it was due in ManageBac. We did the experiment and a rough draft of the report in November and were told we would get it back after Thanksgiving Break (and after that, in a few weeks, then Christmas Break, ect. until we finally did get it back). I feel like I did decent on my IA, but horribly on the tests. How hard is it to get a 1 or a 0? I'm hoping for a 2 so that I'm still eligible for the diploma, I'm only at my school because I moved to the area last summer, and IB was the closest thing to my previous school, an early college high school. I don't want to move schools again, but I have some friends at the school I'm zoned for and one of my friends loves their AP program, but I love the arts programs at my school. If I do get a 1, I don't know what I'd do. I've spoken to my principal about my physics teacher and the principal is going to help me, but the tests are already over and what's done is done. Did anyone last year get 1's or 0's on any IB tests?? What are my chances of getting a 1 or 0?
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