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  1. So I decided on doing my math ia on modelling the thaw depth of the active layer of permafrost. I firstly graphed the general thaw depth which turned out to be a linear function, each year the thaw depth increased. Then I talked about how we have to have different variables like temperature, rainfall etc. My two variables have a polynomial graph. I am supposed to create like an ultimate function and find connections between the variables and thaw depth, but i'm really struggling on doing it. Does anybody have any advice?
  2. IBstudentE

    Grades in DP2

    In our school, for example, the grades we get in our tests are equal to our effort grades. The tests are just basically to keep you motivated and studying, they are there to help you and not make you stressed out (which is what they almost always do). Like I have my math IA first draft and english IOC next week and my bio teacher decided to do a test on an entire topic a few days before that but still grateful that the teachers are enough to test us and keep us motivated to study
  3. So I just had my 11DP mock exams and I got a 5 in my English compare and contrast essay. I don't feel totally disappointed, but I feel like I can get a better grade if I just knew how to improve myself. My teacher doesn't really teach us anything :)))) like what to do differently. I can't get a copy of the mock paper to post here, but in general, do you guys have any tips? I would like to see myself doing better in the future.
  4. Howdy, fellow IB kids I'm really struggling to find a RLS for my TOK presentation. I had to come up with a knowledge question really suddenly and it is "To what extent does one have the responsibility to share (substantial) personal knowledge?" My main idea for the RLS is to find a case where authorities, scientist have kept a secret from the public that could potentially be really important. Right now my only RLS idea is from the show "The 100" where they are all up on a space ship or something and an engineer finds out that the oxygen will soon run out. When he tells the president, he doesn't allow him to share the discovery to others and kills him to make sure of it. My teacher said that this will probably work, but a REAL RLS would be much better. So if you have any ideas of incidences kind of similar to that I would be REALLY GRATEFUL!
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