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  1. Hi, it's dangerous to only use one text, though it can be done. I would suggest an analysis of MacBeth but use several texts to gain insight/context. I'm happy to provide more support, just ask.
  2. IBPRO

    Comparative Literature Extended Essay

    Hi Louis! Any chance you used to live in HK? I'd be happy to help you. Can we start by giving me more information on your research? Perhaps send me your notes? I can give you better feedback that way rather than tell you what to do. Cheers, Rob
  3. IBPRO

    Failing 1st year of IB

    Hi there, the first year is tough, but you have another year to raise the scores. Some possibilities: change your HLs? Drop to courses? Switch to Bus Man? Do you have an Econ tutor? I can support you holistically (working through the whole DP, not specific subjects other than English Lit). Send me a PM if you want! Cheers, Rob
  4. Hi, first of all, the DP is REALLY hard, so ease up on yourself! There are many many paths in life. I am a former HS principal of IB schools, IB coordinator, DP EnglishLit/ToK teacher and university counselor. I've placed many students who scored low in the DP in universities around the world. PM me more details and let's find your path. This is not an advert. I'm offering free support. Cheers, Rob
  5. IBPRO

    How can i improve my English paper 1?

    Hi, Graystripe adds an excellent structural approach. I would only add that understanding ToK to better frame your arguments/points/voice is crucial to scoring in the 6-7 range. Message me if you want to hear more. Cheers, Rob
  6. IBPRO

    Personal Statement

    Hi, Could you give me more details? Is it a personal statement for universities? Or just a class assignment? Be unique, be you, find your voice/passion and let it flow. I have many years of uni counseling experience and would be happy to help, just reach out. Cheers, Rob
  7. Hi, There are several techniques that can support you in retention techniques; it's important you find one/s that work best for you. Languages, for better or worse, require time and much review: not many people can learn a language without putting in many hours memorizing words/phrases/structures etc. A system that is well researched and effective (again, there is no one system for everyone) is the daily/weekly notes review. Every day, review the day's lessons. Every week, review the notes from your daily lessons. It is simple and not necessarily time consuming, but the consistency is key. Apply this to your language learning and see how it goes! I'm happy to give more support, just let me know. You can check out my bonafides in my profile. Good luck! Cheers, Rob
  8. IBPRO

    EE BIOLOGY (Need opinion)

    Hi Brainstorm, Your RQ sounds more like a topic rather than a well-crafted research question. It can be answered with a yes/no. Try to think about outcomes, your audience, and imagine what your conclusion will say then rework it. I'm happy to provide more support if you want, just ask. Check out my profile for my bonafides. Cheers, Rob
  9. IBPRO

    TOK Presentation

    Hi Paigex21, I'm happy to look it over; I taught ToK and have years of experience with the IB (check out my profile for my bonafides). My email: rob at ibpro dot co (not com) (mods, please delete if inappropriate).
  10. IBPRO

    IB 2021 Tips/Study Guides

    Hi benjeren, I'll second what dude said about the Oxford texts: they are the best out there. The new Math texts are just out I think, so I don't have any info there. For English, no text needed, unless you wanted to practice on your writing and analytical skills. ToK will also help you there. There are a few revision websites out there that are quite good as well, including InThinking for example (I've used it/recommended it in the past). Let me know if I can be of any help, and check out my profile for bonafides. Cheers, Rob
  11. IBPRO

    Help! HL Biology or HL Business

    Hi rata, sorry for the delay in responding. Geography is a great class to have for an overall and balanced set of courses. It helps with transferrable skills like problem solving and critical thinking. Careers in government organizations, environmental consultancy, even business, finance and marketing are common. Not having Geography will not preclude you from studying something environmental, though depending on the university it may make it easier (look at a few universities you may be interested in and see if the have prerequisites). Finally, the IB is the same the entire world over, regardless of location. Its standardization is part of its beauty. Let me know if you have any other questions! Best, Rob
  12. IBPRO

    Syllabus 2019-2021

    Hi meagsy1124, Every 8 (?) years or so, the IB updates a subject's curriculum; sometimes there are major changes, sometimes very minor. They give updates to coordinators and principals in advance of the update, then issue the guides and workshops for the teachers 6-9 months in advance of the beginning of the school year effected. So, this is a long winded way of saying (if I understood your question correctly) the changes will be public around March-May of the year before the guides need to be taught. Exceptions include this years major Math changes: they were released in January I think. Here is a link to the IB's latest curriculum updates: https://www.ibo.org/university-admission/recognition-of-the-ib-diploma-by-countries-and-universities/latest-curriculum-updates/. Check out my profile and feel free to ask me for more info here! Hope this helps!
  13. IBPRO

    Help! HL Biology or HL Business

    Hi rtat, In my opinion (I worked for many years as an IB Coordinator, principal of IB schools and college counselor), you should stay with Design and replace Geography. Bus Man HL is NOT easy, by any stretch (nor is any DP subject frankly). My suggestion would be to take Bio SL or an Art, as you express an interest in the arts for further study. Check out my profile for more info and feel free to ask me for more info here! Hope this helps!
  14. IBPRO

    IB Certificate/Course

    Hi, I'd be happy to help out. If you don't mind, go to my website and book a free consultation with your details, and we can speak this week. I can give you some support with unis. I've helped students get into schools around the world, including the UK.
  15. Hi Nickolakhs, Your gf would likely hear from the IB by the end of exams, but that is no guarantee, I am sorry to say. I would ask her to be patient and wait a few more weeks. Sometimes the process drags on due to backlogs, etc. Hopefully a single sentence doesn't do her in! Best, Rob

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