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  1. Well it's good to see you're not struggling math as many do struggle from it! And launguages plus theatre is something I would deff. fail so good job on not seeing them as hard subjects! Alright, so I'm biology HL and get 6s and 7s and I use the Oxford book and this website. I have never in my life opened Bio Ninja and I did once, it barley touches the surface of most topics so I wouldn't recommend it! Website: https://www.bioknowledgy.info/ Download the presentations! (They are a life-saverrrr!!!!!) I use PDFs as a method of revision. Never study Bio last minute. Don't take Bio as a science, take it as a story! For example, you want to study the parts of the heart, memorize how the blood flows through every part! Not just the shape and such! While I don't take psychology and have no experience, I recommend studying lots of study cases (That's what I heard from my friends that take psychology. Sorry I couldn't help much here ) Tbh... 2 subjects aren't something to be worried about! I thought you would have problems with 3-5 subjects! Dw! You have other subjects that can help raise other subjects. OH! FOCUS ON INTERNALS!!!!! Finish them ASAP, including CAS, EE and TOK!
  2. No problem! Just a few questions before I can comment: Is it necessary that you take math SL? Why not studies? (If math is not working our for you) Which of the languages is A and which is B? And what are you fluent in? Which of your subjects are not working out for you?
  3. Hey! So, I have been experiencing the same thing and I am a science stream student, but my weakness were languages, so I dropped down to course, do I wont receive a Diploma, but I can go to great universities! I never got above 30 in DP1, but the first month of DP2 I got a 33! Since I focused on my actual subjects that I want (Bio HL/Chem HL and Math SL) AND got the highest grade in my year in math SL! Here is what I advice: 1-Your subjects: I used to get constant 4s in my English A HL then dropped down to English A SL and then to English B HL (Yikes) BUT I started getting 6s and 7s! Make sure your subjects are working out for you and don't be that person that takes more HL subjects that needed. 2-Study schedule with time management: Here is a little tip in tricking your mind to study. Lets say you want to study 3 topics of a certain subject, plan to study 5! If you are some one that doesn't stick to schedule it's the perfect tip, because it is highly that you will finish 5, but will 100% finish at least 3 topics. If you did finish 5 topics! FANTASTIC! *(But don't finish studying just to get rid of "studying"). 3-Take a time-off ONLY when needed! 4-And this is important: Suicide is NEVER the answer. You have a bright future ahead of you, trust me, I've had panic attacks that affected my mentality and physical state and suicide thoughts! But now... I feel great most of the times! If you don't mind saying, what are your subjects? Maybe I can help!
  4. Let me tell you what my teacher told me when I gave her multiple ideas, she kept telling me, don't talk let ur IA be standard level, to elaborate, do not choose something a chemistry standard student would understand. Complicate it more
  5. You are eligible for a scholarship! But it is a tough one, it's called Pearson Lestor something like that, visit their website it has all the useful information u need and the requirements as well!
  6. I hope you don't mean the externals, but here is a word of advice: "Go to youtube and type 'msj'" Thank me later
  7. I hope you find this before you choose your topics. As a chemistry HL and Biology HL student I will give you one piece of advice: DONT YOU DARE TAKE CHEMISTRY "but it's stand-" WELL BUDDY THERES NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SL AND HL! (Sorry not sorry T_T) But there's a majorrrr difference between bio sl and bio hl. And if my memory serves right there are only like 6 topics + an option to choose from (choose D) for bio sl. And bio sl is soooooooooo easyyyyyy!!!111111!!!1!! Not trying to scare you or anything, but I would take biology final exams anytime over a chemistry quiz! I'm just saying as a which is easier POV
  8. I heard that both subjects are hard, but I have only tried and still, I'm in Chem HL. Let me tell you, that chemistry is NOT a walk in the park. But the standard topics are actually much harder than the higher! It's like a "continued" of the standard chemistry. Let me elaborate: If standard learns 1, 2, 3. Higher will learn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (The numbers don't represent the topics, just numbers :)) It's just extra if you understand the standard topics higher topics will be a piece of cake. (For most topics)
  9. Hey! I'm a certificate student on my way to DP2, and tbh I have never felt this so stress-free. I was also kind of forced to for reasons such as: not reaching the English requirements in English A (I kept getting 4's) and my doctor told me for the sake of my health that stress is weighing me down (I was having chronic stress and panic attacks frequently) The only thing I regret not knowing before changing from Diploma to Certificate is which universities would accept me or not so be prepared to send a ton of emails and a lot of research to find universities that will accept. To give you a head start at some great universities that accept certificates in Canada for example are the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta. Other than that, I don't regret converting to certificate!
  10. Heyyyy, I'm a certificate student going on to my last year of school, but I'm reallyyyyy terrified of being accepted into university: Subjects: Bio HL, Chem HL, Arabic B HL, English B HL, World religions SL, Maths SL No, I can't change to diploma I tried and suck at arts and language I'm a science nerd and want to enroll in a program like Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology, etc. UoT accepts certificate (I asked) I did an internship at a famous pharmaceutical company this summer. The highest grade I got was 35 throughout gr.11 (junior) (That was before I changed from diploma to certificate I changed after finals so this grade includes English A HL, so hopefully my grade increases since I changed to English B HL) So, any recommendations what I should do with the few months I have left? :( Like deadlines for internals, things that helped you or are helping you, anything!!!!! cause my parents aren't supportive of me leaving the country unless my grades are in the boundaries of 38-42. Thanks!
  11. Thank you. Right now I'm asking the universities if they will accept my case and I was English A SL and was recommended to change because my predicted grade was going to be a 4 and I couldn't risk that.
  12. I'm in going on to my last year, but as you can see I'm a science stream student and would like to study medicine or pharmacology and would want a MINIMUM of 36/42 : My university counselors told me to do my research and I am trying as hard as I can! I simply can't find universities, I'd appreciate it if you can send me a list of universities I can look at
  13. I tried Diploma, but I kept getting 4 on my school report from the beginning of the year and the school recommended that I change to certificate.
  14. I'm honestly terrified knowing that 3/4 universities require the diploma and I'm a certificate/course student. My subjects are: Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Math SL, English B HL, World Religions SL, and Arabic B HL I want to study pharmacology, medicine or anything health related. Can anyone recommend me universities that accept certificate/course students or you know of anyone that went to universities with the same ambitions as me and was a certificate/course student?
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