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  1. Hello! Thanks for your great feedback and congratulations for such an amazing final score
  2. Hello Guys I am planning to gather some information about the Personal Project process and I need your help. We have heard different stories about projects that have been conducted without accurate guidance, due to lack of connection and communication between the student and the supervisor in terms of expectations, commitment etc. - Do you think students have all the necessary support at their schools? - How would you react if someone from the IB programme joins private tuition for PP? - Do you think it's the right thing to do if they are looking for the best possible score and they feel helpless or not satisfied enough with the school approach/guidance? - Do you know any student that is seeking extra help or planning to in the future because of this matter? I am planning to support some students that feel a bit confused about what to do and I wanted to know whether this is a common problem worldwide or we are talking about just a few cases only. Thanks for your time and feedback!
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